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ALIEN ABDUCTION - Have you experienced alien abduction or something similar

Teenage kids, Australia, abducted from party for intrusive procedures

Posted by Aquila on 2020-03-08 13:00:13

Teenage boys and girls, Australia, put to sleep and abducted from party for intrusive inspections

I am female (Comment: Most of this story is told by a male, but females were also involved and possibly helped answar).

It happened in Australia when I was 17. We were invited to a birthday party. The event began in some other way. It was very cheerful during the celebration, and we danced and drank drinks. There were about 20 of us between the ages of 14 and 20.


Suddenly I started to lose consciousness and fell asleep. Before that, I had spotted several persons in spacesuits.

I just got into a hypnotic state as they approached me. I just got paralyzed as they approached me. They told that they came to help me and that I had to come along, and they made me willing. I suddenly was inside the vehicle or some foreign place without knowing how it happened. They also took with them other persons, kids and adults, together with me.


I started waking up, lying on a cot completely naked, and strange people were rubbing my whole body. They stripped me totally naked. They washed me.They sprayed my whole body with disinfectant and then wiped it.

When they found out I was waking up, there was a strange sound and I fell asleep again. There was a strange buzz and I fell asleep again. Then I lay on the table with my hands behind my head and my legs bent a lot apart. The room looked like a very well-equipped operating room.

I saw kids being prepared together with me. I saw teenage people being prepared together with me. I saw adults being prepared together with me.

There were many deckchairs in the room on which naked people lay and were washed.

As a further preparation I got anesthesia so that I lost my consciousness totally.


I do not remember that they tested me psychologically or my bodily reactions. I don't know much what they did to me, I slept mostly. I cannot remember they examined my head or neck, my breast, stomach, back, limbs, joints or intimate zone.


I do not remember how I got back, but I woke up at the place where they took me. I woke up with the oatmen at the party site the next morning. I was wearing a shirt and pants without underwear.


I don't remember anything about the examination, but when I woke up my breasts hurt and were very sensitive. So did the girls, some with bruises on their breasts.

I don't remember anything about the examination, but waking up made my hips very sore. I had a hard time walking for several days. It was the same for the others.

When I woke up, I was lying on my back with my hands behind my head and feet a lot apart, after a while on my stomach with my hands under my head and again my legs a lot apart.

I don't remember anything about testing, but on the next visit to my doctor, he examined my entire body very closely, when I had to be completely naked.

I felt tired and drawsy when I was back. I had headache after the ordeal. My joints and muscles were aching. I blead from my nose. I blead or had discharge from my urethra. I blead or had discharge from my anus.

I had bruices on parts of me. I had cuts on parts of me. My clothes were messed up or put back clumpsily. Things I had on me were missing. I felt totally empty in my stomach as if all the contents in my intestines had been flushed out.

We were all tired, our whole bodies ached. I could feel pain in my throat, nose, and also in my urethra and rectum. All my joints hurt, most in my hips. I had the feeling of an inflated belly.

For several days, I was in pain urinating, and a lot of gas was coming out of my rectum. My testicles were very sore. I had a very sensitive $%!@. My whole body was shaved. I had injection marks all over my body, some very painful (breasts, $%!@, testicles). I have very sensitive breasts and also a $%!@. They get excited very often.


This ordeal was almost surely done by some governmental project. The kids wer used for one or more of these purposes: scientific examinations, to map development and health of teenagers in the society, theft of body tissue, mapping of microbes in the young population, surveillance of the behavior of young people. Very probably the teens also got implanted electronic chips so the government can follow them in their daily life.

The party may have been arranged solely for this purpose, some people in the party collaborated with the abductors, or the project doing this knew about the party from the daily surveillance at schools or other places wher young people gather.

The party room possibly got injected with anesthesia. Some electronic device making physical waves of some kind were also used to hold the kids paralyzed and unconscious during the initaial stage of abduction, and the effect of this device got feeled like a buzz.

The outfits looking like space-suits had the purpose of protecting the abductants from the anesthesia and hinder anybody from seeing how they looked.

The symptoms from the nouse strongly indicate that they inspected and took samples of tissue from inside the nouse, and possibly placed a surveillance chip in the bone or tissue over the nose

The symptoms from the throut strongly indicate that they got intubeted and held inconscious with anesthesia gas, or they got inspected down the windpipe with tissue samples taken, possibly both.

Higly probable they got inspected endoscopically down into the stomach.

The orthopedic symptoms from the hip and other parts of the body, and the position they found themselves in after the exam, strongly indicate that they was placed on a surgical tabel, with their armes flexed and tied up at both sides of their head. They also strongly indicate that their legs had been spread wide apart , flexed and lifted up into stirrups so that both the genitals and rectal area got totally open for inspection and insertion of instruments.

The synptoms from the urinary system prove definitely that an endoscope got inserted in through their urethra, into their bladder and probably all the way up into each kideny to inspect and samples of tissue taken.

The symproms from the anus and stomach prove definitely that their rectum, and colon, and possoibly parts of their upper instestines, got inspected with iserted endoscopes and samples got taken.

All the stitch marks were probably from syringes inserted to take sample of tissue and body fluid.

Their colon and possible the whole of their digested symptoms got flushed clear for all content during the preparations, because this is necessary for these exams, Also the feeling of emptiness except for a lot of air also show this. Their colon and possible other parts of the digestive system got surely pumped up with air during the exams.

It is not clear if the doctor got consulted by the boy to investigate the symptoms, or if he got called in by the doctor for a special exam of for a routine exam. The doctor appears to have behaved in an unusual way, and he was probably collaborating with the abductors.

Knut Holt