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ALIEN ABDUCTION - Have you experienced alien abduction or something similar

Girl 14, 17, Canada, abducted with parents for intrusive examinations

Posted by Aquila on 2020-05-03 01:59:08

Girl 14, 17, Canada, abducted with parents for intrusive examinations

I am female. Canada, 14, 17. I lit hay while smoking in the barn in secret. It was soon discovered and we put it out. But the damage was pretty high and my parents told me that I would have to pay for the damage and that I would work it off. Plus they found syringes in the barn. They started checking on me examining my whole body every night after bathing then I got a suppository and went to bed.


A month after this event I went to bed as usual in my parents' bedroom. I was 14 at the time. I suddenly was inside the vehicle or some foreign place without knowing how it happened. I was taken away together with my parents. I started waking up. I was cold. I lay completely stripped on the metal table with my hands behind my head and my legs bent a lot apart.


There was a strong light on me. I could feel the water running down my rectum. I saw my parents at the next table. They were completely naked with two persons in suits measuring their bodies. I fell asleep again in a moment.

They stripped me totally naked. They washed me. They emptied my colon with a device inserted through my anus. The room looked like an operating room with many instruments. I don't remember more about the preparation.


I woke up for a while and pbserved they measured my parents' bodies. When I started waking up and I felt pressure in my hips as my legs were apart.

I could feel a lot of pressure in my vagina as I slept. I remember lying on my back, otherwise nothing. I don't remember anything else.


They put on my nightshirt which I went to bed in before I was kidnapped.
I do not remember how I got back but I woke up at the place where they took me. I woke up in my bedroom bed, with my parents just before noon after more than 12 hours.


I felt tired and drawsy when I was back. I had headache after the ordeal. My joints and msucles were aching. I blead from my nose- I blead or had discharge from my urethra. I blead or had discharge from my vagina. I blead or had discharge from my anus.

I had bruices on parts of me. I had cuts on parts of me. I felt totally empty in my stomach as if all the contents in my intestines had been flushed out.

My whole body was shaved. I had bruises and punctures to my chest stomach and groin. I didn't have a hymen. My nipples vagina and rectum were very sore. My joints were all sore and my walk was hard. For a few days I was burning while urinating. I have to use bigger swabs during my period. I go to urinate less often and the urine flows out better. My breast and vagina sensitivity increased I get excited easily.

My joints are looser I get better exercise. I sleep better mostly all night. With my parents I noticed they were both completely shaved. My mother's vagina is modified and my father's circumcised.


On my return home I was repeatedly examined in detail by the school doctor. I was also on a psychological exam and a lie detector. For both examinations I had to undress completely and lie on a gynaecological table with my legs in stirrups.

They repeatedly introduced ever larger electrodes into my vagina.


This history is strange, but it does not involve details that are not possible with modern technology possessed by secret services. The strange behavior of the school health service clearly show that this service was involved. I guess something like this happened:

The parents reported their concern to the school health service. They gave the parents instruction to the parents about checking her every night and insert a suppository with relaxing medication.

The school health service also reported the case to a secret service with the task of monitoring kids and parents.

The parents got an appointment that this service should fetch her and themselves for an examination one night. That night she got stronger relaxing medication so that she did not remember the abduction process.

They came in a great ambulance and took her with them to a shielded health center together with the parents that possibly cooperated with the task so far.

The parents had possibly agreed that they too should be examined, but highly probably they got strong anesthesia and the examinations was much more extensive than agreed.

The symptoms tell that they inspected her inside and far up through her urethra, vagina and anus. They also took tissue specimens, both from her inside and skin. The circumcision and removal of hymen were for tissue specimen.

They also changed the anatomy of her lower digestive system, vagina and urinary system, probably with sounds and inflatable balloons, to adjust her body functions. This was probably wanted by the school and possibly by the parents, that seem to have got the same treatment.

The results thereoff seem to be felt positive by the girl. These adjustments and psychological adjustments continued after the abduction event.

They probably took them all back to the house in an ambulance, and the parents got to bed together with her, probably to comfort her after the event. Because she still was sedated, she did not remember much of the return either.

Even though the parents were actively participating in the event, it looks like they were not fully in control of themselves and their child, because they had got stronger drugged than agreed to and mentally manipulated .

Knut Holt