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ALIEN ABDUCTION - Have you experienced alien abduction or something similar

Girl, 9yo, Cannada, Abducted with other girls for intrusive procedures

Posted by Aquila on 2022-08-29 11:08:10

I am female. It happened in Manitoba canada at age 9.in a field at night.

I liked going on quiet walks. I saw an alien-looking flying vehicle that approahced me. I just remember a light covering everything and something big descending over me. there was no wind created and it was completely silent. Then something came down and grabbed me, it was too fast for me to make out what it was, but it quickly lifted me up into what i think was a ship. They carried me away. They also took with them other kids together with me. They pulled me fast into the ship with what i think were mechanical tendrils.

The tendrils restrained me and kept me suspended in the air inside the ship. it was big on the inside and the surfaces were fairly featureless but metallic. They stripped me totally naked. They washed me. The preparation occured in the same room where I entered the vehicle. They prepared me the moment i was brought in. The tendrils dripped my clothes off of me. It was also very cold inside the ship. I remember feeling my clothes being ripped off and being sprayed with something that cleaned me but also evaporated fast so i was dry.


I remember one of the tendrils sort of scanned parts of my body with a narrow beam of light that tingled. It also scanned my privet area. They tested my reaction with devices at my pelvic area genitals or rectal zone. I was kept in the same room as before before the tests. Another tendril came at me with a bit that fit over my vaginal opening perfectly and I remember feeling various sensations in my crotch and made me squirm. afetr it was done it just detached and the tendril disappeared. Everything up until this point happened in the same room i was pulled into the ship by and all in about 30 seconds.


They put instruments into my nose. They put instruments through my mouth and down towards my lungs. I was then pulled into a separate room where there were other kids naked like i was. Some were already going through the process so I could see what was going to happen to me. About 20 seconds later my process started.

I was placed on a table with my feet and hands in restraints of some kind. Then a series of tendrils shot at my face, two slender tendrils went up my nose and down my throat into my stomach making me gag. While i was gagging a much bigger tube was forced into my mouth and down my throat into my lungs.

New tendrils approached me from between my legs and I could see that the other kids had similar tendrils deeply planted inside their genitals. I was already scared, but this made me terrified.

The first to go in was the long flexible device into my anus, went in very fast but didn't have any issue going in, as if it was lubricated but was somehow still dry. I could feel it snake up deep inside me. The next was a shorter more rigid device. It lined up with my vaginal opening and flew forward very fast and fully penetrated my vagina all the way to the back. This was very uncomfortable. then he final tube up my urethra. this was much more gentile and felt really weird.

The entire time i was struggling to get free but it didn't go any good. I was flat on my back with my legs slightly spread and bent. They didn't change my position much.

Yendrils with scanners would periodically scan out bodies. the new room was right next to the entrance room but aside from the walls being lined with tables and kids there were no other visible differences.

The devices inside up did something for many hours. It didn't hurt but felt super strange and at times it felt like stuff was being pumped in while other times things were being sucked out. Cause of the sensations it was impossible to lay still so we were all squirming our bodies constantly.


I got to see what was going to happen next as they prepared to let one of the other kids go. The tubes retracted from her pelvic region and a new device was inserted into her vagina it made a sound like a charging camera flash and then her body tensed up suddenly before going limp. Then the other devices were removed from her nose and throat and she was carried back out of the room.

I couldn't tell if she was alive only that she was limp and non moving. Then an hour later the same happened to me. I remember feeling the tubes slip out of me and then the new device push into my vagina. I thought i was going to die when i heard the same sound occur. Then i just remember a flash and the feeling my body was being electrocuted. There was no message.

I do not remember how I got back, but I woke up at the place where they took me. After the shock i suddenly found myself back in the field where i was taken, still naked. My legs felt very weak and I couldn't stand for a good 20 minutes so i just lay there a while. When i felt well enough i went home.


I felt tired and drawsy when I was back. Things I had on me were missing. I felt totally empty in my stomach as if all the contents in my intestines had been flushed out. My legs and pelvic region felt every numb. I also had a bit of brain fog. My clothes were gone so i had to walk home naked. Overall i felt very clean both inside and out. My nose and throat also felt irritated. I was freaked out by what happened but i never really told anyone cause i knew they wouldn't believe me. Oover time i started feeling normal again. but i'll never forget seeing all those little girls being violated and seeing the same tendrils approaching from between my legs.


The girls were abducted by a governmental project which is a part of a much bigger international program.

The purpose is to surveil the development, habits and health of kids in all parts of the world, to take tissue samples for various purposes, to test out technical devices of various kind for medical use and population control, and to influence the development of each kid in ways wanted by the authorities. During these programs also clothes and personal devices are often taken for analysis and the kids get installed secret monitoring chips inside them. Psychologial testing is a part of the program too.

The girls were approached, partly paralyzed and imobilized by some kind of drone, then bought into a van or something similar, brought to a nearby medical fscility and then all told about was done by rhobotic machines.

What happebed was surely conducted by, doctors, nurses and techician sitting in the background, but not revealing themselves.

It seems that thousands of kids are abducted each year by these projects. The kids abducted may sometimes be random, but equally often they have been selected by the ordinary health services, like school health services, child protective units, police or private doctors cooperating with these project.

These project are highly secret, but the extention of the projects makes it impossible to cover then up totally. Therefore they operate in a manner that give the impression of abduction by extraterrestrial, abdution by pedophiles or other politically correct explanations.