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ALIEN ABDUCTION - Have you experienced alien abduction or something similar

Boy, 12yo, abducted in the woods for intimate probing and testing

Posted by Aquila on 2022-08-29 11:51:06

Boy, 12yo, abducted in woods for testing and intimate probing

I am male. It happened in the woods when I was 12 years old.

A strange van came towards me. They paralyzed me with an device they ponted at me. They carried me away.

They stripped me totally naked. They washed me.

They monitored my reactions with devices on my head. They tested my reaction with devices at my pelvic area, genitals or rectal zone. They stimulated me with electrodes at various body parts and tested my reactions.

They inserted a thin and long instrument in through my urinary opening, like a cystoscope. They stuck needles into my genitals.

I do not remember how I got out, but I woke up at the ground somewhere and walked back. I had bruices on parts of me.


The boy was abducted by a governmental project which is a part of a much bigger international program. He does not tell in what country this happened, but the style of the ordeal is typical of western Europe and Northern America.

The purpose is to surveil the development, habits and health of kids in all parts of the world, to take tissue samples for various purposes, to test out technical devices of various kind for medical use and population control, and to influence the development of each kid in ways wanted by the authorities. During these programs also clothes and personal devices are often taken for analysis and the kids get installed secret monitoring chips inside them. Psychologial testing is a part of the program too.

These ordeal tend to begin by some kind of vehicle approching and the kid being paralyzed by some kind of technical device pointed at himher.

How much is done is variable from case to case, but neurological or psychological testing seems always to occur. Inspection and probetaking in the urinary system and genitals also seem alway to occur. Tissue sampling under the skin from various body parts is also frequent

Boys seem always to be inspected through their anus in these project. He does not tell about it, but it likely ocurred.

Much is done by robotic machines, but what happens is surely conducted by doctors, nurses and techicians sitting in the background, but wthout revealing themselves.

It seems that thousands of kids are abducted each year by these projects. The kids abducted may sometimes be random, but equally often they have been selected by the ordinary health services, like school health services, child protective units, police or private doctors cooperating with these project.

These project are highly secret, but the extention of the projects makes it impossible to cover then up totally. Therefore they operate in a manner that give the impression of abduction by extraterrestrial, abdution by pedophiles or other politically correct explanations.