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The Real Weaker Sex - For Boys / Men Please

Battle of the sexes

Posted by Js9835 on 2017-04-03 23:53:50

How do you think the physical battle of the sexes is going? I often hear about girls dominating boys at all kinds of sports at younger and younger ages. Do you think females are physically superior over males as well? Have the girls won the battle of the sexes?

Posted by Satray on 2017-04-04 02:00:46

It's a little complicated, but thanks for raising the question, and it's a very good question! The proverbial battle of the sexes has been won, hands down, decisively, by Girls/Women. That's looking at it with larger perspective - education, professions, workplace domination, relationship leadership and domination, etc etc etc. But the battle you refer to is physical.

I believe that younger Girls may well dominate, partially because they really are competitive (similar strength and speed, smart and creative, more flexible), and partially because Girls are no culturally-intimidating to boys. In general, however, unless for some genetic reason men weaken and Women get stronger, Women cannot surpass men in strength. Endurance, yes, but not strength. Having made that admission, let me mention the following . . .

There are exceptions, some women may get very strong, and surpass the strength of a majority of men. That can't argue that Women are stronger physically. Secondly, at reasonably the same size, it is common for men to have more upper body strength, and Women to have more leg strength. So men and Women of the same size, and equally-trained or not trained, it can be very equal, say in a wrestling competition. Given a woman's higher tolerance for pain, and her greater flexibility, if she gets the chance to engage her legs strategically, she will win.

I am 5' 10" / 135. I practice MMA. I just do it for conditioning, a a little for self-defense. I don't do it competetively. But I have had some "playful" matches with guys and I offer the following. At similar skill levels, I usually win, and usually because of my flexibility and leg strength. I also have longer legs than guys my size which gives me an advantage in the kicks. I had to use my training only once for self-defense. It was terrifying. But I ended up knocking the guy out, quickly taping his wrists and ankles (I carry duct tape in my car), and calling 911.

So same size and skill level, I believe men and Women may be pretty even, and it depends on other factors - smart reflexes, surprise, etc. The truth is, men are bigger and stronger physically. That isn't going to change. Why then, do I have such an easy time dominating them, hmmmm? Ashley

Posted by Satray on 2017-04-04 02:02:38

And may I add. Do I think Females are physically superior to males? Yes I do. They ARE physically superior, as science and research both show. However, men are still stronger.

Posted by Js9835 on 2017-04-04 02:28:21

A very insightful response from a member of the superior sex.

So females are superior physically, but men are stronger. The interesting thing is that while males may be stronger, they are still being overpowered. Like I said, girls dominate boys in all sports, but wrestling seems to be an area where they really excel against the opposite sex. While girls are better wrestlers with technique, it often just comes down to them overpowering the boy to defeat him. This doesn't really change as they grow older either. Do the more important physical traits play a more important role, with girls being able to outlast and outmuscle boys, or is the reason behind female dominance more psychological, with the male being aware that he is facing a superior female, forcing him to submit to her power? You said you often beat men in matches, what do you think is the main reason men cannot stand against female supremacy? It could be a combination of both, with women continuing to dominate men. What does this mean for the girls and boys fighting the battle of the sexes?

Posted by Satray on 2017-04-04 15:21:49

i believe it is both things. the Girls are more flexible and have better endurance, and a higher pain threshold. Given superior technique they will win. It is true in all areas of life that Girls are more focused. They are very smart, and able to concentrate on the things that matter, keeping them in perspective of overall goals. This is why they beat boys in academics - the just are better at applying themselves. The same will be true for athletics or sports. Girls pay attention, learn well, and apply themselves . . . all of these better than boys. And you are correct, when a boy comes up against a Girl, he is at a disadvantage psychologically, because the boy knows She is superior, and he is actually predisposed to submit to Girls. In most cases, that alone, as you say, "forces him to submit to her power." There is the natural tendency of boys/men to submit to the now-acknowledged superior abilities and power of Girls/Women. I also believe that has been a latent desire of all men from all ages - perhaps a logical result of the nurturing of their Mothers. That's a distinct disadvantage before a Girl in any competitive venue. This is what I find in the ring. Men admire my strength and abilities, but they are predisposed to submitting to a strong confident Woman. Men admire strong women, physically, mentally, and in personality. I am a very nice Girl. I don't believe in hurting men or making them suffer. I do not flaunt superiority, and try not to use my looks (I often fail at that). I believe men submit to my dominance in the ring, for the two reasons you suggest: I have strength, technique and endurance, and I am superior which causes them to submit to my power. What does it mean for the battle of the sexes? It's over. We have won, men have lost. We will eventually dominate you in every area of life and society. But because we will dominate and control you, doesn't mean we hate you, or won't care for you and protect you and love you.