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Male brides: is this our future?

Tomboy in skirts new message

Posted by Suestrong on 2022-10-09 18:01:46

Tracey, I think this is the right thing to do. I am writing here because some messages are not shown in the previous one. The way you talked about your alpha female was not nice. Anyway it is good you corrected it now. So, you are on dresses now all the time? Even out side your home? Yes, I am interested in some more details especially about your alpha female like how she looks? What does she wear on a daily basis? Is she muscular and stronger than you? You described her as manly can you give more details about this? Final question how modest is she I mean does she cover her body or show it? Does she go topless in front other people? Last thing you can address me manly ma’am.

Posted by TraceyInSkirts on 2022-10-11 15:35:23

Good afternoon manly Ma'am,

Thank you for your kind and understanding reply and sorry for the malicious and mischievous lies.

The Lady lifts lots of weights and enjoys contact sports like boxing and judo. She has a lean, hard, muscular body and very short hair. She no longer shaves her legs or her armpits and never uses makeup, fragrance or jewellery. For work she wears grey or navy trouser suits and plain white shirts. For leisure she prefers black leather or baggy dungarees. She walks round the house naked with her lesbian partners and goes topless on the beach otherwise she is quite modest. She is decisive, strict and commanding, but knows what is best for me and decides accordingly. She forgives honest mistakes but has no tolerance for disobedience or laziness. She is demanding of herself, and rightly demands from me the highest standards of housework, personal appearance and ladylike conduct. As she gets stronger and more masculine, I get weaker and more feminine. I feel ever so weak and helpless in a dress and she's physically a lot stronger than me now. This feeling of submissive vulnerability is absolutely delicious when the Lady takes me out, because she is so protective! Does this all make sense, manly Ma'am. It would my honour to answer any other questions.

Yes, Ma'am, subject to the Lady's good direction, I always wear dresses, indoors, outdoors, with friends and family, in private and in public. The Lady says I'm not a boy who sometimes dresses up in girl's clothes. She's made it clear that I'm a girl, albeit with some useless and redundant male organs. When we started dating, trying to persuade her to wear skirts was my pathetic attenpt at macho. Since our role reversal, she is in effect the man and I'm the one in skirts! Putting me in feminine clothing permanently, demonstrates conclusively that she is the alpha-female and I am the subordinate girly female. She uses dresses, and frilly pants, a tight corselet, seamed stockings and petticoats, to teach me to be feminine. Plus flouncy aprons and frilly nighties. Plus all the business of feminine grooming like lipstick and mascara, perfume and nail varnish, pierced ears and leg-waxing (ouch!). Plus clean-shaving my private parts. These have all been very successful in eliminating my masculine urges and suppressing my remaining male ego. Have I explained clearly Ma'am? Does it make sense? And if there is anything else that would interest you Ma'am, it would be my honour.



Posted by TraceyInSkirts on 2022-10-11 15:52:08

Very shyly manly Ma'am, I've added links to some of my dresses. I'll never be as pretty as these models, but I do hope you like the dresses.





This is now what I wear on a daily basis (blue dress + cap+ apron)


And although it is a bit embarrassing, this is what I wear under my dresses to feminise my body-shape.



Posted by Suestrong on 2022-10-12 08:15:11

Thanks Tracey, that is really helpful. I love what she is doing. She sounds very similar to me or where I want to be in my life. I have also cut my hair very short like males hair, while my husband is having a long blond soft hair, I take him to the salon every week where they take care of his beautiful hair and keep it fresh. Similar to your situations in my house all makeup products including lipstick, eyeliner lotions and many other products I do not know about are for my husband. He takes care of himself and loves to stay as beautiful and cute as possible. While I have not used any makeup products in years. Luckily for me and for my husband he is feminine by nature so he has very little body hair and I mean very little like every few month he will have few hairs on his arms and legs but he shaved it immediately he hates to have any masculine feature. I love that because I love his thin soft small body. He does not have any kind of facial hair on his face, sometimes women will stop him in the streets asking how he got rid of all the facial hair, but no one believes that he can’t grow any even if he wants. As you can imagine I am the complete opposite I am very hairy person back in the days when I was ashamed of my masculine feature I had to shave at least twice a weak. I am very pleased that I stopped shaving now, including my facial hair. My husband thinks I am sexy. What do you think of hairy women? About our clothes I do not own any skirts or dresses only pants and shorts and usually male shirts. Since I got very muscular recently my pec muscles overgrown my breasts so I do not wear bras anymore there is no need for. Because my work is a little bit physical so I wear shorts most of the times not pants. Thanks to your story I bought skirts for my husband. I must say he looked amazing in his new pink skirts and white transparent blouse. When our friend saw him everyone complainant him on his beautiful looking. Even some women were bit jealous of him. He is more beautiful and more feminine and softer than most women. I gave apron as well so he can use it in the kitchen. I want to give him a girly name but not sure what should I call him? Also, not sure if I have to get a manly name. I think it makes sense what do you think? My husband is becoming more feminine and weaker every time I got more muscular or more manly. He is so weak now and always ask for my protection and help. One of our friends said that we should go outdoor and act like I am a man and he is a woman and he said no one will ever notice. He wants him to use the ladies toilet and I use the male one and he said no one will notice. What do you think? So, why she goes topless in particular reason? Do you like it? Do men stares at her? Do not you feel jealous? When she is topless in the house many other males see her like this? I want to go topless or naked but not sure if it is appropriate? My husband wants me to do it all the time, but not sure why? Do you know? Thanks for sharing the links great ideas for my husband.

Posted by TraceyInSkirts on 2022-10-14 13:36:06

Good afternoon manly Ma'am,

I'm thrilled that you liked what I told you about the Lady. She's an amazing role-model isn't she? I'm not allowed to offer you advice but I'll give your latest questions my best answers.

The Lady says that men oppress ladies by forcing them to be feminine, girly and submissive. I'm ashamed to say that our own story confirms this and I'll explain this later. She now assumes the dominant, masculine role and assigns me to the submissive feminine role. Although she isn't FEMININE any more, she is most certainly a proud, strong FEMALE. She is far better than any man and would regard as deeply offensive any attempt to portray her as a man rather than as a dominant lady. The Lady has hairy legs and hairy armpits. I shave my armpits and wax my legs because she tells me to. The Lady would never be known by a male name. I have a girl-name of her choice. The Lady uses female toilets because she's female. I use female toilets because I wear a dress. The Lady enjoys going topless on the beach and doesn't care what men think. She gets me to wear a modest swim-dress. The Lady goes naked in the house with her lesbian partners. These occasions are strictly ladies-only. As a de-sexed she-male in a trim little dress and apron, I kind of act as their maid, otherwise I don't really exist. I hope this is helpful, manly Ma'am.

Your husband is naturally feminine whereas I've recently been feminised by the Lady. I guess that's why you, Ma'am, can give him much more freedom than the Lady allows me. The Lady is much better than me and much wiser. So if she wants something, I want it too, and if she likes something I like it too. There would be no purpose in her considering me separately. The Lady decides and I obey her. To give a recent example, I heard her exclaim "yes, perfect, that's exactly the look I want!". I glanced across from my ironing and she was on a domestic clothing website. Now I look exactly like the girl on https://mercatores.eu/en/uniforms-for-domestic-staff/ only less pretty: the same Laura dress, the same Eleonora apron, the same Pia headpiece. But apart from telling me to wear it, she's never mentioned it at all, nor told me how I look in it. Nor has she given a moment's thought to how I might feel about wearing it, and there's no reason why she should. As usual, her judgment is 100% correct. The uniform is smart, feminine and designed for housework. And by domesticating me it teaches me a good moral lesson. The little white aprons are extra laundry and ironing but on the whole it makes my life simpler - I know in advance exactly what I'm going to put on each morning! Might I ask what you think of my outfit, Ma'am, I'd love to know?

Might I ask how your husband is enjoying his skirts Ma'am? Is he wearing tights and petticoats too? Most males, even effeminate males, are deeply afraid of skirts. How does he feel about wearing them in public? Nearly all men regard wearing a dress in public as an indescribable humiliation. Putting me into skirts has had an absolutely massive impact on how I feel about myself and how everyone else treats me!

When we started dating, I tried ever so hard to be the macho, sexist male. At that time, the Lady had long hair, wore makeup and shaved her legs. She was quite feminist and had a good job, but my dream was to make her a docile, full-time housewife. When I took her out I treated her to the best of everything and always paid, but I also belittled her, patronised her and bossed her around. In particular, I was always pestering her to wear skirts even though she much preferred trousers, because it flattered my male ego. I was clearly the Mr and she was the Miss. But although I tried to be the big macho man with his dependent little girlfriend, in reality I was desperately shy and nervous, especially in the bedroom. In the end I failed miserably and I'm now beyond embarrassed by and ashamed of my behaviour. I'm ever so lucky she generously gave me the chance to be her Wife. She is now conclusively the Ms and I am the Mrs. And it is entirely appropriate and deserved that I now do her laundry and ironing, clean her bathroom and wash her dishes, in a dress and apron. Might I ask what you think of how I behaved and what happened afterwards Ma'am, I'd love to know?

Thank you to the Lady, for allowing me to send this and making sure I'm telling the truth.

Very respectfully,