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Male brides: is this our future?

New messages- Tracy

Posted by Suestrong on 2022-10-19 07:01:31

Thanks Dear Tracey this is extremely helpful. Your lady is a great role model. I completely agree with your lady I will not change my name but I changed my husband name he just received his new name certificate as Maria. I think I did not explain myself in a clear way last time I do not want to be a man or to use men toilet all the time it was just a challenge to see if people can tell if I am a man or a woman. I do not give my husband much choice as well. It is true that he is very submissive already but still he does not have a say in any decision. Do you find your lady sexy? My husband thinks the most manly and muscular I am the more sexier and he loves to compare how feminine he is and how manly I am. I think your outfit is really nice and I am sure that it suits you more than any other males outfits. I really love skirts look on men, they look really beautiful especially if they are small, weak and soft with no body hair just like you and my husband. My husband was really worried about wearing skirts, he did not want it but as I said it is not his decision to make. He prefers to wear trousers but he is no longer allowed. Since he started wearing dresses and skirts, he became confused about his gender this is what he told me. He no longer feels that he is a male anymore. I noticed some physical and psychological changes as well. He can no longer perform sexually, he became more feminine he feels more comfortable using the ladies toilet. I must say he looks so pretty in his blond long hair, full makeup and short dresses, way more beautiful than me but of course I look more muscular. I think what you did is inappropriate and now your lady is taking her right back. Many men try to be dominate but they do not know that we women are way better than them in this.

Posted by TraceyInSkirts on 2022-10-19 12:42:47

Dear Ma'am,

I'm so grateful that you like my outfit! The Lady has now bought me the Elena dress as well as the Laura dress and the Ombretta apron as well as the Eleonora apron. In dark blue, light blue and narrow stripes. So there is no lack of variety.

I'm thrilled that you've got Maria into skirts and given him a girl-name. The first time the Lady took me out in a dress I almost died of embarrassment and humiliation so I'm not surprised if he hates it now. But you've made your decision and he's got to get used to it just like me, hasn't he? The Lady says that if all men wore skirts and dresses it would teach them to respect and obey ladies.

I still have lurid masculine dreams but as soon as I wake up and realise that I'm in a frilly, silky nightie, it immediately shrinks to nothing. The Lady uses me as a girl in the bedroom and I'd say that I have a kind-of lesbian crush on her now, like I'm a teenage schoolgirl and she is a strict and authoritarian schoolmistress, if that makes any sense. I mean her body is amazing and I have a kind-of feminine admiration for it.

Ma'am, the Lady says it's essential that I fill out my own bra, so she's sending me for breast enlargement surgery. I won't be able to post for a little while but I hope I'll be back online soon.



Posted by Suestrong on 2022-10-19 13:30:55

Dear Tracy

Thanks. You have different outfits now, good for you. My wife Maria also has several dresses and skirts now. Of course he is so submissive and obedient he does not object any of my decision and he can not because he knows that he will be punished, you know I am way bigger and stronger and more muscular than him. I think you will loose any masculine dream in short time this is what happened to Maria. Please explain what do you mean by she uses you as the girl in the bedroom? It is not clear. For me I got excited on my Shemale husband soft, thin, small and weak body, and he loves my big muscular hairy body. As I said hd can no longer get hard but he still have pleasure from touching my masculine body. And he pleasure me in his mouth. Wow you are going for breast enlargement that is exciting. How do you feel about it? What size the lady will put you on? Tell me about it if I like it Maria will follow you?

Posted by TraceyInSkirts on 2022-10-19 13:55:21

Hello Ma'am,

You just caught me before I have to log off for a couple of weeks. I have loads of other dresses of course for evenings, going out etc., and you are right my masculine dreams can't last long. The Lady uses my body for her pleasure and likes me to stay entirely quiet and submissive. The Lady says my breasts will be small and firm not gross or vulgar. I'm scared it will hurt.


Posted by Suestrong on 2022-10-19 14:07:44

Two weeks, long time Tracy,

Anyway good luck and looking forward to hear more from you how they look and how your lady treats you in bed