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You're not a good Catholic, if you...

being a good Catholic

Posted by Hvictor on 2002-08-17 00:18:18

I do most of the things you mentioned in the poll-- regular mass attendance, confession, daily prayer etc. These are important parts of being Catholic, although these practices shoud influence your life in such a way as to make you more loving, forgiving, compassionate-- simply more Christ-like in one's daily life. I think the essence of being a good Catholic comes down to Mt 25 where in Jesus told us to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, work for justice etc. My Catholic faith has been a great source of strength, comfort and courage. but also a real challenge in my life to help the poor, lonely, distressed, and others like that. I have found the Mass to be a gret incentive to be a more Christ like person. Thanks for the poll.