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barefoot pe outside

open and honest

Posted by Petr Kopal on 2002-12-26 19:23:44

Let me say a few open and honest words. I do not know how much students read the messages in these polls about going and doing P.E. in bare feet. I do not think very much. I am sure that most of visiters are foot-fetishists or barefooters which are looking for knew contacts or want participate in some discuss. But not only they. Sometimes must any student come here. Sometimes must any teacher come here. Read me, please and try to understand my bad and uncorect English. Yes. I am now barefooter and when I was young teenager I was not. We are not allowed to do P.E. barefoot (at my 6 to 8th grade), only little oportunies to také off our shoes we had. But I gradually find that it is not so bad. During attend of secondary school I did most of P.E. lessons in bare feet and when I was 17 I participated in pre-military summer camp when going barefoot was compulsary part in our programm. I remember 15 km long march without shoes. It really hurt in the end, but I broke some bariers and this experience had helped me very much. I like feel various textures under my sole, I feel comfortable when go through grass, sand or other pleasure surfaces, but I discovered another usefull feelings when had to go on gravel or hard or cold Earth. Simply said: it helps to be better. It is the way towards nature humility, to peace in your heart and to loving the world. Seriously. But this recognize do not come easy. We are not accustomed to go barefoot and when we také off our shoes only for a short time, we only feel cold, dirty, prickle, hard. If we do not train barefoot walking and try some stupid long experiment we probably only injure our feet. It is very beneficial to know how to go barefeet and to have tough feet that are able to go without shoes on various terrains. But my mind is the most of teachers do not think about that. They simply compare safety and healthy benefits and risks. As for safety and healthy, this is controversial matter. Particularly when barefoot P.E. is not systematic. Even in gym is not so good long time running without shoes on hard floor because joints and backbone crash! But when do this practise carefull and reasonably some small risk is relevant to benefits. But now become another seriously problem. Bare feet is more then in past time, as hidden part of our body, erotic symbol for somebody! Foot-fetish become widespread. And except that some people has fear from pedophilly. Result? Some teachers hesitate. Ask children to do P.E. in bare feet? That is dilemma. I think children should be inform. Open and honest. They should know bare feet may be considered as private part of body, but if teacher insist bare feet, it is generally good choice for children and teens and if give free choice to her/his students they should use this chance. There is nothing to be afraid. Students and their teachers can discuss this question reasonable. And yet one remark: if you compare performance you can find not true that bare feet are usually better (and that is why there are not many barefooters between sportsman (except some individual disciplines like gymnastics or swimming)). But we realize sport activity not only for best performance. Barefoot movement – this may be great experience! Remember it and get use to do it.

Posted by pip23 on 2010-03-03 21:40:43

Hi Peter, I did p e barefoot inside and outside many years ago - we all did, in fact many boys went barefoot as much as possible outside school. I'm surprised you don't appreciate all the benefits of running barefoot. When we first started doing p e barefoot the teacher taught those who were not used to going barefoot how to run without shoes. The normal barefoot running method involves landing much further forward than the shoe-wearing heel-strike. Landing further forward has the benefit, amongst others, of allowing the arch of the foot to absorb the shock as it was designed to. Apparently, running with the natural barefoot method is less likely to cause injury to joints than the modern, lazy heel-strike. So there is LESS chance of "joints and backbone crash" with barefoot running however hard the surface is. As for problems with paedophilia - I think it must be a very sick mind that would link this to the simple joy of barefoot p e!

Posted by moncholo on 2010-05-15 17:49:15

I'm George. I'm 9 years old and go barefoot everywhere including to school 365 days of year. I do not have footwear or socks. I don't know an other way of life than with bare feet. I'm used to walkig all type of surface rough or smooth, cold or heat. I have hardened the soles of my feet so i have no problem doing so.

Posted by thu trang on 2020-05-28 09:35:37

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