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Have You Forgoten Your P.E. Kit

Forgotten PE Kit

Posted by Spiderman on 2003-07-16 04:00:05

Hi Everyone

At primary school we did indoor PE in shorts and vests; barefeet. If you forgot you simply went in your briefs. For outside we wore plimsolls, vest or suitable shirt and shorts. If you forgot your plimsolls you either retained your shoes or went in barefeet. No big deal.

At secondary school we wore shorts only; barefeet. If you forgot your shorts you either used a pair from the kit stock room ( pretty ghastly ) or went in your underpants. For outside games our master would make us go in barefeet if we forgot trainers/plimsolls and run around the school perimeter regardless of the weather. I didn't mind the indoor rule but I hated the outside one. I quickly came to the conclusion all PE teachers were sadists.


Posted by pip23 on 2010-05-02 21:57:38

Forgetting your p e kit was not a big deal at my all boys school. We only wore a pair of shorts for p e anyway and the school had a supply of dirty, smelly "lost property" shorts from which you could borrow a pair. It was not very nice but you were still wearing the same as every-one else so it didn't really matter - you just added a bit more mud and sweat and handed them back.

Posted by Arthurian on 2020-11-09 02:26:05

My high school was mixed, girls and boys. If we forgot our kit we chose either to do PE in our underwear or an after school detention. Most chose the underwear option which was ok for the boys but was knickers only for the girls. By year nine (8th grade) a lot of the girls had quite big boobs and to see them exercise in just their knickers was amazing!