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Harry Potter Vs Lord of the Rings

HP vs LotR

Posted by DragonElf on 2005-07-19 20:18:05

HP vs LotR?Well in my opinion,out of the 2,Tolkien's world is deffinately above Rowling's by leagues upon leagues.I mean c'mon,Even the HP fans HAVE to agree with me that HP has alot of LotR in it.And obviusly,LotR couldn't have copied anything because it was very well written around 50 yeas ago!So HP is about courage,loyalty,trust,stengh etc.When i compare the amount of Courage,loyalty,trust,strengh,etc.to both of the movies/books,i clearly see that LotR has the best of the 2.I mean,(not to be insulting)Voldemort killed familys,and got defeated by a baby.Sauron on the other hand,took over and destroyed countrys,and it took almost a year for frodo to finish the quest!As i mentioned before,HP has a bunch of LotR stuff in it such as...Aragog to Shelob,the womping willow to fangorn forest,even the name 'Dumbledore' doesn't belong to Rowling,Tolkien mentioned it in his earlier works in 'The Adventures of Tom Bombadil'.I heared that the HP spells are in latain(correct mr if i'm wrong),i don't find that really imaginative.Tolkien instead acually made languages of all kinds,and has 2 entirely completed ones;Sindaria dialect,and Quenya.People do not understand LotR ony do not understand it because it was written for an older audience,and a more open-minded one too.I have nothing against HP(exept for the pladgerism)and Rowling is definately the most popular auther in the 21 century.But LotR definately,books and movies have completely taken over me.I'm a proud Tolkien purist(or nerd)and am a totally anti-Potter.

Posted by pemy on 2007-04-13 03:54:17

i think harry potter books is the best...!!!

Posted by pemy on 2007-04-13 04:14:31

i think harry potter is simply the best...!!!