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Boys sleeping nude, questions?


Posted by bparx23 on 2006-01-09 02:42:54

me and my friends sleep naked together in the same bed all the time

Posted by ~*luke*~ on 2006-02-27 20:08:34

ii me n my m8s sleep naked at sleepovas coz were comfortable with it and prefer sleeping like tht its no big deal lyk

Posted by ~*luke*~ on 2006-03-07 16:09:09


wud any boys b interested in sharing nude photos

my e-mail is luke_d88@hotmail.co.uk

if so send me an email with a picture of u & i'll send 1 bak or if ud prefer e-mail me & ask 4 1 off me 1st i dont mind =D

Posted by donlll2 on 2006-07-12 03:50:54

i dont sleep nude, but i always sleep in my boxers. I dont think thats bad. Sometimes on occasion though i do drop my boxers and doze off.

Posted by Africanfire on 2006-09-04 12:29:37

i just sleep in my briefs... but when my boyfriend as there, who normally sleeps in undies as well, we both sleep naked of course :-))