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Buffy Vs Angel Vs Smallville

Clark vs Buffy vs Angel.

Posted by jphbk on 2004-04-06 22:39:15

No disrespect to Angel (who is awesome) or Buffy. But Clark would absolutely wipe the floor with them. It wouldn't even be a contest really.

Posted by FearEscalators on 2005-02-06 08:16:46

What? Are you insane. You'd have to count in the fact that Buffy or Angel would know his weakness, since they always do. Given that, they'd come with kryptonite and would completely own him. If it was a kryptonite free fight, nobody could beat Clark except for someone with his exact powers.

Posted by jphbk on 2005-02-22 10:05:17

First you ask if I am insane, and then you basically agree with me. Clark can take anyone.

You don't have to take in account anything, except the poll asked who would win Clark vs Buffy, or Clark vs Angel... NOT Clark vs Buffy(with Kryptonite) or Clark vs Angel(with Kryptonite. It was worded like it would be a fair fight, and with that in mind Clark would beat them both very very easily, at the same time if he felt like it.

Plus, it would take some research to find out about Clark's weakness, and then there would be the whole trying to locate some Green K thing, which is not the easiest thing in the world to do. And if Clark knew he was going to be battling either, he wouldn't give them time to research anything. ;)

Posted by poll cara on 2006-02-28 01:05:24

buffy would inialate

Angel might destroy clark, however Buffy definatly would, she would kick his $%!@, you cant say she couldn't use Kryptonite becasue that's unrealistic she's not dumb enough to go in unarmed. Even if she couldnt get kryptonite she could always kill him with her god's hammer that she killed Glory with (who was probably just as strong if not stronger than clark) she could also bring her army of slayers or she could have Willow back her up, she could disintergrate him with the blink of an eye. Buffy just has so many more options of attack than Clark does, all he knows how to do is shoot people with his eyes, he never actually fights.

Posted by poll cara on 2006-02-28 01:10:04

to add to that

Buffy could kill Clark, she is awsome becasue she doesn't rely purely on her super powers like Clark does, she is able to kill people who are 10 times stronger than her (glory) she always finds a way, Clark has such and obvious weakness that she would clearly find it and destroy him