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Favorite States

answers to the 2 previous statments by...THE CREATOR

Posted by TXJim on 2004-01-04 06:39:06

ok first of by state i ment geografical, i dont see your mind on the map, ok and i know some smart $%!@ is gonna see that (it'll probly be a damn canadian) and say uhh americas not the only country that has state, yea i know this but i only care about one other country than america and thats IRELAND go ireland and if anyone from the british gov't reads this GIVE US BACK OUR $%!@ING COUNTRY NORTHERN IRELAND BELONGS TO US NOT YOU....damn brits

and about the combo's, thats a good idea but i dont have time to do that and would honestly like to be takin a 200-300 question quiz? most people would give, so thats why i put the whats your favorite state over all cuz thats all the states against all the states...even if ya'll dont know what your talkin bout cuz Texas kick $%!@