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Girls Clothing Limits in summer.

our rules

Posted by Barbara123 on 2009-01-13 08:48:09

The rules in our family are easy but very strict. Only one item covering every body part. Underwear and pubic-hair are forbiden (except during our period). This rules apply to my sister (16) and me (18) but not to our brother (19) nor to our parents. We are obligated to wear skirts, not longer as mid-tigh. When swimming in our backyard-pool or tanning, we have to do it in the nude. Its only a problem for me, when visitors are at home, especial friends of our brother. We, my sister and me are unsteady inspected by our father (sometimes he by ask our brother to do it), if we follow the rules. Then he makes us strip completely naked to check the clothes and our pubic-hair. Vistitors, including girls may wear regular clothes, except for sleepover. Then they have to follow the clothing rules. When we violate against the rules, we are punished. Normally with temporally nudity, but sometimes with spanking too. While beeing impostined with nudity, it may occure, that we visit our grandpa e.g. Than we have to remain nude in the car (we own a chrysler grand voyager with dark windows) and off course in the house and garden of our grandpa. I get accustomed with it. Only one thing is very difficult. During the journey, it happens, that me or my sister have to pee. My father always stops and we have to pee at the side of the highway, only hidden by the car. Last year we made a trip to spain. Our parents realized, that we could not tan or swim naked, but they found an alternate. They obligated us to be topless at the pool and the beach and to wear swimpants my father bought. I was suprised, as i saw them the first time, cause they sooo tiny. A string in the back and a unseamed, minimal triangel in the front, which became sheer when wet. I noticed a lot of men staring at us all the time, but they were stranger and i didn´t care about them.

Posted by Jerome123 on 2009-02-23 12:42:57

To Barbara123 Your parents made reasonable rules for you. In our family, our girls (17+16) have similar rules. Any underwear is forbiten (except during their period). Swimming or taning in private they do naked. At the beach, they remain topless. When they misbehave, they are punished with spanking or with a temporary nudity (e.g. one week) at home. During this times, they had to be completely naked all the time, while beeing at home or in the garden, which is only visible from our neighbours. This applies also when company comes over or visiting the extended family (e.g. their grandpa). During the journey, they are allowed to dress, but must strip at once, when reaching the goal. All our relative approve and encourage their own kids to become nude, when they want. Normaly our daugthers have no problem with it. But sometimes, when visitors enter, they try to hide themselves. But my wife and me don´t accept it and regulary bring them to our guests. We never have seen any visitor disaproving the nudity of our girls, contrawise most enjoyed it and gave us their verbal consent.

Posted by IslandMom on 2009-02-24 22:52:03

Other Moms Rules: I copied this posting from "Miniskirt Mom" thought it was very hot.....I M

Hi...didn't see much activity on here so I thought I'd post something about us and family we met this holiday weekend at the beach... My husband and I have some limits for our daughter and son (and us too!) for holiday and hot weather clothes. Our 16 yo daughter is a hottie (looks like Phoebe from Charmed) and hates wearing much anyway. Me and hubby recommend what she should wear too...this time she was in some hot shorts we bought her from a place called Wicked Weasel and a little bikini top that barely covered her nipples and barefoot...I was dressed the same (and no panties or bikini bottoms either). Hubby and my 17 yo son were in little speedos that she and i bought for them.

We met another family, from south america, who had 2 teen daughters, 15 & 17. The mom and daughters were wearing microbikinis - just barely covering their shaved pu-sies and barely covering their nipples. The dad was in a little speedo too. We conversed with them and we both discovered that we only let our daughters wear very short miniskirts with tube tops or very short minidresses that barely cover their buns...and platform sandals or barefoot...I and the other mom essentially dress the same way - again no panties or bras either - during vacations and in hot weather. We also discovered that they, like our family, lived nude when at home.

We met and went to dinner later with me and our daughter wearing minidresses barely covering our $%!@...no panties or bras...and platform high heel sandals. Our new friends mom and daughters were also in low cut and very short minidresses - again barely covering their crotches as well...and clearly no panties or bras either. In our discussions we found that this was the way their daughters were permitted to dress and it made them very confident in their very sexy appearance. My daughter said she felt the same way. Given my son's and our husband's very obvious reactions (in their pants), they were pleased as well.

After dinner we returned with them to their room where we actually all stripped nude and compared our tans and bodies - and even tried each others clothes on for more ideas.

We'd love to hear more from other families with these "dress codes."

Posted by laloli on 2009-03-31 13:13:10

I grew up in a forest and rural area in an old farm house with no other house in sight. My clothing limits started when I was 9. During summer one day I ran around naked all day and I didn't want to put clothes on in the evening. I was already used to sleep naked when it was hot. So I stayed naked for a couple of days. My parents tried to convince me to put some clothes on but I didn't wanted. Then they said I had to decide: either dress decently or not using clothes. So it became the rule that I had to be naked in the house all the time and naked around the house in summer. In winter obviously I could use a jacket or a sweater but stayed bottomless. During period I could use panties. Of course I got dressed for school and when going into town. Over the time my parents made the rules tougher, they wanted me to go back to normal clothing, but I always followed the rules, I guess I'm quite rebellious. In the beginning I got dressed when people visited us, but later I wasn't allowed anymore. In the car I could only wear a top or T-Shirt but no skirt or trousers. When I got out of the car I always put something on. I guess my parents would have been ashamed if they were seen with a bottomless girl. In school I had to wear always quite short dresses or skirts. From around 12 on I hardly wore any panties. I was really popular with boys, also the older ones. They all loved the way I dressed. There was no other girl who dared to dress like me. I think my parents tried to break my will but didn't succeed. They always thought that at some point I was going to be embarassed or ashamed. The only thing they achieved is that I totally lost my shame of being naked around people. I moved to London four month ago. I share a flat with three guys and they absolutely don't mind if I run around bare or with just a top on - on the contrary: they totally love it. That's really hot. When I was naked with my family it was just comfortable and I liked being different and challenging, but now it's different - I love the looks and comments I get and I love it even more to make the guys hot.

Posted by Michael Brames on 2019-03-21 04:34:02

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