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How do you get to Heaven?

Catholic answer

Posted by Matthew Roch on 2004-02-05 17:45:42

I beleive you become an heir of heaven at Baptism as you recieve Sanctifying grace. As you age and grow in thefaith you recognize what Jesus did for us by redeeming us on the cross-- this is continued through out time in every Mass. It is vital that a Catholic participate in Mass and recieve Holy Communion (the Body and Blood of Jesus) If one sins seroiusly you recieve forgiveness by going to Confession. These are our links with Jesus Christ and He gave them to us for our salvation.As Catholic we are sacramental people. The Mass and the sacraments are the source of our relationship with Jesus. During our life time it is incumbant for followers to try to live as Jesus did by helping the poor the sick, the homelss and stranger. Jesus has told us this in St Matthews gospel.I am not saying people who are not Catholic are not saved-- I am sure they are- as Jesus loves them and died for them. I am explaining Catholic belief and practice. I have always found great comfort in my Catholic faith

Posted by snowy on 2004-02-13 07:15:18

Well said. Too many people focus on the "don't ever do bad things" aspect.

Posted by eek on 2007-03-15 03:52:16


Maybe it's not Jesus. Maybe it's Buddha. Or Mohammed. What then? Will all the Jesus followers go to hell, because they were following the wrong religion?