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Calvin? Predestination?


Posted by Scott Thomas on 2005-04-03 11:20:17

John Calvin (as we call him) has caught a lot of "bad press" in theological history simply because he did the one thing so many Christians wouldn't do: he took the teaching of God's omniscience to its obvious conclusion. If God knows everything, He KNOWS EVERYTHING. That would include whether you would be saved or not.

Posted by shaun h on 2012-08-09 17:06:33

But were we not created with the capacity of "free Will"? If so, predestination is a non-starter since we all have the power to determine our own path through life. Another thing that Calvin forgot was that, (according to the teachings of Christ), "whosoever believes in me shall never die". Thus, if someone believes in him by their own choice, (free will), this cannot be due to predestination, unless we were NOT created with this capacity. But since we were, the whole teaching of Calvin makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! And I cannot believe for one minute that the Christian God, doesn't care whether we are saved or not. Even though I am not a Christian, the teachings of Jeshua have a lot of correspondence with my own personal beliefs, especially the idea of respecting others and treating everyone with equal fairness.