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how do girls react to being hit in the groin?

Men hurt a lot more

Posted by karen84 on 2004-05-24 14:28:33

I am glad I am not male. It hurts us girls more than other places but not that much more. How many of you seen a man hit in the groin properly. Any man goes down in pain from a light hit upwards. Any good knee or kick and they are on the ground for ages and suffering for at least an hour. Ask any man where they don't want to get hit.

Posted by doooooog on 2005-07-01 14:27:02

well thats obviously bull$%!@. firstly look at the poll. then the scientific facts that women have the same number of pain receptors in their $%!@!!!

you just cant take it!!!!!!!

mean are taller, stronger, faster, usually have more fighting experience and have dominated the world since the begining!!!

Posted by karen84 on 2005-12-19 16:15:23

Yes it hurts but I still maintain it hurts men more. Ask yourself would you prefer to get hit medium hard in the testicles or your peni$.

Yes, men are bigger and stronger which is why men can rape women.

When attacked a man a hit to the balls will stop this attack, so it is a good idea. A kick between my legs would hurt, how much depends on how hard but only a kick that would disable me hitting other places would stop me.

As a proponent of kick boxing I know from personal experience. I do not use groin protection, all the men do. Ask yourself why this is?

One man sparring with me forget or thought he could thrash a woman and did not use groin protection. My front kick hit his thigh and it lost much of it's power, then ran up his thigh and into his balls. Within 2 seconds he was incapicitated and looking very unwell, later he told me he nearly through up and he lay on the mat at the side for over 20 minutes. He was glad I did not score a direct hit. Oriental target pictures use the equivalent word 'bullseye' for the testicles.

Karen kn0804@hotmail.com

Posted by Jamie357 on 2006-02-15 18:45:16

I was play wrestling with my sister and I kicked her in the groin just to see what would happen. I kicked her many times and there was no reaction at all. She accidentally slapped my crotch and I was in pain for five minutes. She kicked me once and I fell to the ground. I don't think it hurts girls at all to be hit in the groin

Posted by In-dependant Pollster on 2006-04-24 17:40:30

Yeah men definately hurt a lot more. And I'm convinced it's more than three times worse too!! Every young girl I know knows you all go down big time when we kick your balls. Every female knows where to hit a guy. I did it many, many times and not a single guy was able to be still left standing... Not to mention the "oh, oh, oh..."-part that usually takes at least an hour. We don't get hurt more there than you hitting anywhere else, but all of you guys, tall or not, old or not, muscled or not, You all vomit and fundle up after we kick you in the nuts!!