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Who makes better cars?


Posted by CarCritic on 2004-09-22 17:15:11

i think this pole is biased, first of all, you cant really compare these 2 types, because most of the cars arent even in the same class, second you only have 2 options, in my opinion though, japanese make better cars for reliability, youd never see a mustang go 250 000 km on a single engine while most japanese cars easily would, for performance, that all depends on the cars being compared, for technology, thats an easy one, japanese cars have way more technology than american cars, and if anyone disagrees theyre idiots, for styling, again that depends on the cars being compared, for luxuries, thats a tough one, because neither of these types of cars are considered luxury cars, they deal mainly with sports cars and muscle cars, another thing, you should be more widespread considering you only put 2 options, you should have used imports and domestics or west coast and east coast cars

Posted by Every_Mn_1 on 2005-06-21 14:40:20

My aunt Linda has a '01 V6 Mustang with about almost a 100,000 miles and it's running strong. My grandpa's '88 Chevy 2500 truck had about half a million miles on it when we sold it, and it still ran decently. And his current truck, an '02 Chevy has over 30,000 miles and never has had a single problem at all. My other aunt's Honda broke down after a few weeks of ownership. The guys at the dealership broke more things trying to fix the first thing. It is 2 years old, and is missing a foglamp (which they took out and forgot to put pack in), is on its second engine, its third transmission, and second transfer case. They SOMEHOW broke the SUNROOF while trying to replace the rear DIFFERENTIAL. They also forgot to reconnect the ABS sensor after changing the front brakes. My families' oter imports have lasted just as long as our domestic cars, no longer. I've heard of diesel-equipped Dodge Ram trucks logging 1,000,000+ before being retired. Hell, I had a friend who had a '91 D-250, it had 800,000 before it was sold. Don't make blind assumptions until you've seen both sides of the story.

Posted by Marjorie on 2006-03-15 17:51:07

I don't think you're looking at the subject correctly. of course it's gonna be bias but you're wrong in saying you can't compare the cars. American cars are now being built and designed to compete with Japanese cars. They are in the same classes. Japan IS further ahead in technology and yes that has a lot to do with the fact that their cars are built better. American cars tend to go wrong because there isn't as much detail and thought put into them. Example: mustangs' transmissions tend to go out easily...BUT a nissan sentra built in the early 90s also has a tendency to have a bad transmission...and don't forget that the Ford Probe is full of mazda parts...people forget that, too. parts are mixed between companies and factories to make cars. some american cars have japanses parts in them. so all you can say is, overall, japanese cars are better built...but you can't go a lot further than that without getting into a major detailed discussion