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The Ideal Society -- Controlled By Women

for a more moderate solution

Posted by petticoatfriend on 2006-06-27 23:32:30

There are too radical feminist positions in this poll, causing radical reactions from uncorrigible supporters of the patriarchate. Where are the messages of those who voted for a future society totally controlled by women? Ideas like the extermination of men, also refusing them the right to vote or to be employed in adequate jobs will result in an undemocratic if not fascist society. However I can well imagine a more moderate future society where women are taking the part which men have nowadays. This would mean that women will be the main breadwinners in future and more and more men will stay at home to care for the household and children, being proud of their wives´success in the working society or in any fields of public affairs. He would take her last name in the marriage. She would wear the trousers, protecting and pampering her husband and the children. Men could perhaps have an option to become the prettier sex wearing skirts and dresses, with feminine hairstyles, make-up etc.- It would just be the other way round, but still a loving society. If there is still love and affection for each other between women and men I could well imagine to live in such a society where women are in charge. We should give it a try. Anyway I think modern Western societies are developping in that direction

Posted by viperco1 on 2008-10-13 03:39:00

A society with only 50% of its population working will advance twice as slow and make half as many resources. No housewives no househusbands. I dont get why women wear make up in the first place imagining men do it is awful and pants are more practical have both genders wear them.