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The Ideal Society -- Controlled By Women

Much better

Posted by morrie on 2004-12-08 01:30:27

I believe it would be much better if women were in more controll. My husband of almost 12 years is now a woman. The second year of our marraige he announced one day that he was going to become a woman. It was some difficult times but I stuck through with him and helped him all the way. Through it all we became even closer and best friends. We are still together almost every day and still legally married because we were before the operations. She is a much more understanding person than before and without the testoserone a beautifull person. She works full time as a nurse and was a nurse before the transition began, It went very smoothly and everyone she works with supported us fully. We have a 10 year old son who was aboy 3 when the process started and we started him off with a very unisex attitude and gave him choices in what he chose or wanted to wear. He chose in almost all cases the girls stuff and is now dressing and living as a girl along with us. He wears girls stle lacks, geans, blouse to school and wears skirts and dresses sometime when not at school. Most kids at school know he is a boy but just accept him a a girl. He has many friends, plays baseball, barbie and trucks and war. Prefers the girlish hairstyles and wears his hair in long ponytails or braids. Has pierced ears, loves his grandfather and DAD dearly and looks like any adorable 10 year old girl. Except mybe much more polite and well behaved. This i really at lot more common than mot people realize. In the past year or two I have talked to 8 different mothers who have raised or are raiing their sons as girls and one who is raising hers as a son. One had a brother who was raised that way and decided that was the best. Also the little old lady that lived down the road about 2 blocks away. Who all the children adored at Halloween and other holidays was found to be actually a man when he died at the hospital, but had lived there at least 30 years. The real shocker to us was we just found out recently that my husbands great grandfather actually lived as a woman most of his life, even back then it was arround. Maybe it is an inherited trait. Anyway I am glad we are raising our son as a girl and my husband is now Cheryl and Chad is gone. We are not only bet friends we are soulmates and lovers.

Posted by AlanSwtOk on 2005-01-12 02:10:14

this is all very interesting, does your husband/son/ and friends sons/daugheters identify as gay/straight/bi/other/metrosexual?

from a gay man

Posted by personwhohatescirc on 2009-07-18 15:02:01

Um yeah... if my future husband decides to get a sex change, that'd be a total deal-breaker for me. Because I'm STRAIGHT and I like $%!@ and BALLS.