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Islam daughter

Our daughter

Posted by Zeki on 2004-06-12 22:37:59

We started to get our daughter used to veil her face when she turned 7. Sometimes she had to veil her face, but not all the times. When she turned 11 she had to veil completely. Now she is 12.

In our community this is quite a normale practice. Most (if not all) females veil completely.

Posted by AhmedD on 2009-05-04 23:40:49

Hello Zeki,

This is a good way of making your daughter getting used to veil her face! Is she still covering, and what does she wear niqab/burqa?


Posted by ahmedfamily on 2016-03-23 14:20:14

My daughter is that age now and we have also started her veiling. We started getting her to try it out at home to see how it feels. Now she must wear the half niqab when we go out at weekends starting with our friday mosque visit. I would be very interested to know how your daughter is now.

Posted by AMW on 2020-05-21 14:08:13

This is hypocrisy. I worked in Kuwait for some years and was invited to the home of a work colleague by his wife. Whilst sat in the women™s room, their teen daughters came downstairs to say hello. They were both wearing a full burqa but when they saw it was just women in the room, they pulled the burqas off. One of them was wearing panties and the younger one was nude. They stayed like that for half an hour. Their mom explained that although they veil in public and before men, the girls are usually undressed at home. It was a turn on for me but I reckon it would be fairer if Muslim men veiled themselves too.

Posted by AMW on 2020-05-21 14:11:38

You see Ahmed, the second sentence betrays the reality of veiling. If you were genuinely focussed on modesty as your religion recommends, you would not be asking another man about his daughters attire. The main reason you ask him is because you are getting pedophilic thoughts about his daughter. How about you veil yourself first, hypocrite?