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Writing punishments

Poll lacking proper choices

Posted by bassman21 on 2004-07-11 11:49:41

The first question can not be answered properly. Most if not everyone has been given less than 1000 lines.

Posted by JimG61 on 2005-02-13 21:31:44

I agree with bassman. In my expereince 1000 word essays were usually the longest you would get. I had one teacher that miostly gave you 100 paragraphs to write. For more serious infractions she would gove out a 1000 word essay, and if she was really mad, she would give you 1000 lines to write.

Posted by Wrick Ben on 2023-03-25 16:11:21

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Posted by Wrick Ben on 2023-06-06 22:44:37

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Posted by Wrick Ben on 2023-06-11 13:57:51

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