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Your Very Own Country!

Excellent poll

Posted by Uri4 on 2004-08-31 16:00:52

Very good and interesting poll.

My country:

  • Representative democracy, well-educated politicians vote instead of the often biased and misled masses.

  • Touching the ocean and other countries, should boast a large harbor and beautiful white beaches as well.

  • Warm summers and cool winters, always a soft and relaxing temperature.

  • Very wet, it should rain very often.

  • Rolling hills, a gentle but not perfectly flat landscape.

  • Fertile farming land, but dotted with small groves and mountains.

  • Animals? Cats, deer, dolphins, whales, a rich wildlife I say!

  • Population 10,000,000 to 29,000,000, a relatively large but not overcrowed country.

  • Area 300,000 to 999,999 sq km. Room for cities as well as wildlife.

  • Capital architecture: a combination of Classical, Oriental & Colorful and Whimsical. Foreigners should marvel at the sight of it.

Once again: great poll.

Posted by monkees on 2005-02-02 21:47:41

My Country

A picturesque island situated between two oceans. Lush terrain and millions of animal kinds. No cities, just one central capital holding the entire population of 200 million.

It is a dictatorship (ruled by me), but a peaceful one. MPs and Senators elected by me help to govern. The people are happy in the capital, Metro City, where the main influences are art deco, neo-classical (Greek/Roman) and a large phase of glass buildings is getting underway.