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relationship with my uncle

Posted by jw_rox on 2005-07-16 20:42:09

A different kind of relationship. My uncle, Mother's younger brother, has been playing around with me & me with him, since age 11. I sit on his lap & jack him off - he rubs my $%!@ & made me start $%!@ - he licks my c--t & assh--e & I lick his assh--e & I'm now 13 & Mother promised he could give me my first f--k when 13. We are going to do it next week while Mother watches & takes pics & videos. I can hardly wait. I still have my cherry, but not for long. I've enjoyed fooling around but want to feel that c--k in me. It's been hard waiting, but we both listened to Mother & waaited

Posted by girlygirl36 on 2006-03-26 03:59:42

go away! ur scaring the hell out of me!!!