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Girl Star Tournament RD2 (Bonnie Wright vs Jamie Spears)


Posted by Halomercenary91 on 2007-09-30 23:39:19

At 50 votes i declare Bonnie Wright is the winner by winning all three rounds

Posted by Ironman616 on 2008-11-23 10:30:17

The Reason that i would side with Bonnie Wright would not be mainly because she is actually a rather hot lady(although,if you think about it,she is hot!) but it's because i felt indebted to her when it comes to ginny weasley!

if anything,she would beat the crud out of jamie lynn spears without a second thought about anything if that happens!

but could you do a Bonnie Wright V.S Rachel Hurd Wood One or a Bonnie Wright V.S Kristen Stewart One,Please?

thank you!

Ironman Out!