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Should babysitter be allowed to punish

Mean babysitter

Posted by Weiner Boy on 2010-05-13 22:09:19

I was raised to believe that all boys deserve this to happen to them at least once, and that all girls should learn to do this at an early age. When I was about 10 or 11, my mother used to get a girl named Rebecca to baby-sit me and my 8 year old sister. She was 15, and very pretty but also mean. Being a boy that old, I was becoming sexually aware, and jerked off often.

My parents went away for a weekend, so Rebecca was to stay over. She brought her friend Nicole along, and they tormented me all weekend while befriending my sister. Rebecca knew that I was sexually aware and that I had a crush on her. They would touch me and wrestle with me until I got a boner, then laugh and point at it. On the Friday night, I was in my bed and as usual, I was rubbing my hard little dink. The door opened and Rebecca and Nicole burst into the room, dressed only in their nighties. I tried to cover up, but they knew what I was doing. They told me to continue but I refused.

Rebecca said, "If you don't start playing with your dink, we're gonna kick your nuts in!" I refused still. They pulled me out of bed and both laughed at my hard weenie tenting out my Superman pajamas. While Nicole held me from behind in a half nelson, Rebecca laid on the bed on her back. She raised her knees up and I could see her panties. She kicked forward with both feet and hit the end of my protruding wiener. I let out a squeal but they only laughed. My boner faded as she drove her feet into my little nuts.

I groaned loud enough to awaken my sister. She came into the room as Rebecca held me from behind with me kneeling on the floor. Nicole kicked me three times in the nuts. My sister watched fascinated. Rebecca asked her if she wanted to try and she nodded.

Rebecca pulled my pajama pants down to my knees while Nicole stood in front of me and raised her nightie. The glimpse of her white panties caused my weenie to rise. My sister stepped up as Rebecca held me on my knees. My sister smiled and drove her foot against the end of my boner, making me cry out.

Nicole said to my sister, "Good shot Amy! You got him right in the dink!" My sister then kicked me half a dozen times in the nuts while the other girls giggled and watched. They then made me lie on the bed and all three girls watched as I played with myself. They told me to come or they would kick me again. I of course couldn't $%!@ yet at that age, so I got another nut beating at the feet of the girls.

Posted by Lizzy-Girl on 2014-08-09 21:29:25

LOL! This is exactly how every little boy should be treated!

Rebecca and Nicole sound like amazing girls, and I'm so happy they hurt your little boy parts. Kudos to them for educating your little sister on how to hurt boys too!

I personally think they should have worked over your dirty, little dink more. They should have given it a good whipping, or perhaps got it hard and kicked it around too. Little boys are so dirty.

I hope your sister continued to kick and squash your nuts.

Posted by Aaaan on 2018-01-22 14:05:06

@Lizzy you are right, we need discipline like this to learn to behave

Posted by Naughty Nicki on 2020-10-17 16:37:34

You are so right!They should have spent real time punishing that naughty bare thing! Fly swatters are good for that! Icy Hott is fun too! Also tying it up hard with copper wire is good, copper wire stays right where you put it and is good for daily punishments! But hard spanking and $%!@ punishments with LARGE toys also show a naughty boy that GIRLS RULE!