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Are Vasectomies The Answer?


Posted by new rising sun on 2005-06-03 18:56:41

Anyone attempting to take a knife to my nuts will find themselves very dead

Posted by ricia on 2005-06-04 03:44:29


they don't need a knife anymore... everything remains intact and there is no invasiveness.

Posted by Dr.Smart on 2005-06-11 07:51:15

Question: Why don't we make it so it is illegal to not use a condom properly. If condoms were used properly many would go from 70% effective to 99% effective.

Posted by Nicholas Brown on 2005-06-14 07:55:01

I must say that it's a good job that Rising Sun isn't a domestic animal considering how they have to go through with being surgically de-sexed in the name of birth control (besides, vasectomies don't cause the same side-effects as spaying or castration, which is another advantage that they have over de-sexing).

Posted by ThirtyPct on 2005-06-23 21:31:36

Vasectomies are not a piece of cake. I know, I've had one. It's not like 10 minutes, you're done, jump up & have a great day. I was hobbled for a week. Everything's fine now, and I'm glad I had it, but it wasn't as easy as I had been led to believe.

They also do not promise that they are reversible. And, in rare cases, they can reverse themselves - really. They had me come back for a check 6 months & 1 year afterwards, to make sure it was still (not) working.