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The state of america


Posted by Free Your Mind on 2005-07-14 15:07:42

Jesus H. f'ing Christ, Setting Sun...ever heard of the thing? Governments in all capitalist countries are nothing more than strong arms for the corporations. Globalization is nothing more than the streamlining of commerical and human-rights laws in particpating countries purely for the sake of profit...damn the suffering, full speed ahead!

Get your head out of your $%!@ and wake up to the fact that no government (or zombies like you, for that matter) ever does ANYTHING without the consent of its corporate masters... The conspiracy is against a free humanity by slaver capitalism.

Posted by new rising sun on 2005-07-15 05:40:08

really?I'm a zombie?you know nothing of me,and capitalism is just fine, its monopolies that are the problem

Posted by society is shit on 2006-03-07 02:39:29

SOCIALISM,monopolies,globalism and having liberalism forced up our butts is the problem.

down with liberal dictatorship

Posted by new rising sun on 2006-04-10 21:03:30

yes,the globalists are at the top of the pyramid

Posted by jellopeacemaker14 on 2006-05-12 12:08:16

Don't worry if all else fails there are more of us than them governments have to have support to function.If everyone hates their government we can strom & take control of it then fight like the iraqies to make a new one. We need to go back to the old policies(except slavery lol)