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flaunting homosexuality

Obvious Gay Guys

Posted by HottieJim on 2005-10-26 21:24:43

I don't mind gay guys, obvious or otherwise, anywhere in public even if they're holding hands, kissing, whatever. As a straight guy, I get really uncomfortable at the rec center when I'm showering and this group of gay guys is like always in the damn locker room. They should start paying rent, they're in there so much. I've just said hi to them and other than a quick hi back, they're not so friendly. They make no effort to hide watching myself and other guys shower. They just sit on the bench facing the shower area and chat away and make comments. Some guys shower in bathing suits or shorts but I never have so I admit to getting hard in front of them and they laugh their $%!@ off but I ignore it. I know they've stolen my clothes more than once too and had a bad time making it home and I had to be around them a long time naked and they never admitted to stealing my stuff. I just think they should keep outta the boys locker room or at least don't embarrass straight guys by looking at us nude.

Posted by Tyson...... of Australia!! on 2005-10-28 18:45:16

sounds like they are disrespectful $%!@heads, i hope their behaviour does not influence your opinion on queer people in general mate.

Posted by andy barry on 2005-11-01 04:10:09

please, don't freak out about it! not all gays are like that; only when we get really horny do we do stupid things. but hey, who doesn't? if you had a chance, you'd probably steal a girl's clothes to see her naked longer...

Posted by HottieJim on 2005-11-01 19:58:09

I understand that when guys are horned ya do crazy stuff and, yeah,if I could get away with going into the girls locker room with my friends and watch the girls totally nude and in the shower, we'd do it in a sec. We all agreed that be great and if we could steal their clothes and have them have to stand around and chat with us and try to cover up their stuff while we were laughin' it'd be awesome!

I think I get angry at myself cuz Im in really good shape and I think look good and I'd like to think these gay guys couldn't manage to mess with me like that. I guess I do stereotype them as kind of underhanded and untrustworthy and too damn horny to see nude guys. They don't even care that it's humiliating and wrong to do.

It's totaly illegal for my friends and I to barge into the girls locker room and ttake their clothes and watch them squirm but these queer dudes take advantage and beacue theyre guys, are allowed to wacth us stripped, showering an even rip off our damn expensive clothing and leave us bare-assed in front of them. And I dont think I'm queer cuz I get boned up in front of them. It's just a bad situation. What the hell is up with them watcing straight dudes in the shower room??? I'll start wearing a bathing suit in there if it keeps up.

This weekend I got stranded in the ghetto-$%!@ locker room for 3 hours before my friends could come with a towel for me and drive me home. While I was waiting I even pushed one of the gay dudes uop against the lockers and almost got him to admit they took all my clothes and get off on making me hang there naked. He wouldnt admit it tho. They dont even offer anything to cover up with too so Im sure its them.

I'm going there tonight and Im $%!@ed off enough after writing this that I might start some trouble if theyre there. I'm not gonna let some stupid gays mess with me.

I hope all gay guys arent liek that. It makes everyone look bad.

Posted by Tyson...... of Australia!! on 2005-11-08 18:59:22

No, I think most queer guys are not like that. As I said before, I think it sounds like they are just disrespectfull idiots in general, their sexuality is irrelevant to their attitude.