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Ugly Celebs

So true

Posted by taech on 2006-01-12 01:45:47

You should have put that Lindsay is too thin. That's what I think is ugly about her. But Paris Hilton is definitely ugly. Her smile, her nose... I have been told I look like her and I am NOT attractive by any means. I think that Hilary Duff was ugly as a younger girl, but now she's gorgeous. She doesn't even look like the same girl anymore!

Posted by SweeetMisery-xo on 2006-07-13 16:37:24

what is it with those celebs thinkin theyr 2 fat tho? they aint n it sends out bad messages. hilary is reeli pretti tho. paris is ugli shes got a big head. she is onli famous cuz hur 'daddy' is the creater of the hilton hotel. shes fake and an ugli version of barbie! i woodnt say tht lindsay is reeli ugli but she acts lyk she thinks she is soo pretti wich makes hur uglier n pam anderson wears far far 2 much make-up! hilary duff aint fat n she aint got a big nose wif huge nostrils...