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Should Bush be Impeached?

They hounded Clinton

Posted by DaddyBear on 2006-03-24 13:14:21

for a blowjob... yes, somehow murder of American troops and Iraqi innocents by the thousands should qualify for impeachment, jail and the chair!!!

Posted by Sparks on 2006-04-13 20:20:51

Idiot! That's NOT why Clinton got in trouble. He lied under oath, and here in America perjury (lying under oath) is illegal. If he'd had the balls to admit what he had done the first time, then your precious Clinton would not have been a criminal. As it is, he got away with a crime that would get the rest of us a hefty fine, jail time, or both. I wish dumbasses like you would either get your facts straight or, better yet, realize that you are too stupid to post anything intelligent and SHUT THE HELL UP! And before you say anything Chucksmom, this means you too!

Posted by ADIDAS on 2006-04-30 01:41:43

NICELY SAID SPARKY....sparky is right... every president surely gets head... probably most of them have cheated on their wife... $%!@ happens... but blatently lying when under oath (as the president always is) is perjury... oh yeah, and i'm military and Bush is not killing innocent americans and iraqi's... he's takin the fight to the world's doorstep before they bring it to ours... AGAIN!!! $%!@in idiots... get some balls... for every thing you do... every opinion you can have... every single thing you do... thank a soldier, or a marine, or an airman, or a soldier.... pussies

Posted by Donald Dumpsfiels on 2007-02-11 19:08:49

Should Bush be Impeached?

There is a compromise position. Bush is obviously intoxicated. His speech is slurred. He has to wrap his arms around the stand like a drunk and a light pole. He has an advanced degree and yet cannot read a telepronter. This means he is at the point where he is too far gone to see clearly. He doe not seem to be aware of what is arround him. He participated in D Day memorial ceremonies and stared at everything like a 15 year old in a porn while smiling. There is no employer in this country that should tolerate such activity unless it involves some sort of sheltered workshop situation for mentally disfynctional. We do not need this guy. He stole both elections with the help of his dad. They just convicted two men of ballot box stuffing in Cleveland during the second election. You would know about this but newspeople are biased in favor of Bush. The man has a lot of money so he will not go on welfare. Did you know the Bush fortune came from helping the Germans during WWII? Herbert Walker was Hitler's American banker.

Posted by James Foley on 2007-10-25 18:41:47

What's this?! More disingenuous bull$%!@ from republicans and conservatives?! Look who calling the kettle black?! If I had a tenth of s cent for everytime one of you idiots accused someone of doing something youve already done ten times over, I'd be the richest man in the world.

Get a clue. Hypocrites.