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Web Browser Questionnaire

New Web Broswer Development

Posted by CSC201 on 2006-03-15 17:39:29

There are many web browsers available. IE and Firefox are the most popular for Windows machines. For Macs the most popular is Safari. Others include, AOL, Netscape, Opera, Lynx, Slimbrowser, Maxathon, Netscape Navigator (yes its different than Netscape), and Advant.

Each have their own speciality. Slimbroser is well - slim. Smaller and less buttons make it visually attractive. Opera has tons of special features for accessibility, ease of use, and just coolness.

Currently I am taking a human computer interaction course and am designing a broswer with VB. Answers from this survey will help greatly in making it how users desire a browser to truely be. If you have further comments, please email me at roth_jesse@roberts. edu

Posted by mr. vegge on 2009-03-25 18:54:54

apart from speed, i would say that firefox is the best browser out there. it is smooth and easy to use, feature-rich, and there are a variety of toolbars and add-ons that you can pimp it out with. however, lately i have been using the safari 4 beta because it's super fast and opens quickly (and it has the smooth, flashy look of an apple-made program). it still lacks some features and it isn't open source, but speed and ease of use are most important to me.