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Will Egnalnd Qualify for Euro 2008?

Let's all laugh at England!

Posted by ronaldinho llew on 2007-12-14 22:24:14


The whole world's laughing at you! At last, a major chapionship without the turgid England fans!

Do you know what your problem is? You have no sense of nationalism that isn't associated with sport. You're only English when it comes to the national football side, and that makes me pity you. You're too stupid to realise how brainwashed you are!

Posted by Lord Fantastico on 2007-12-23 13:16:10

England were a shambles, weren't they? Pathetically easy group (again) yet you STILL struggled. Then, other results go in your favour (again), you only need a draw to qualify at 'fortress' Wembley and your precious overpaid 'superstars' managed to mess up big time and it's the MIGHTY Russia who are going to Euro 08.

And Euro 08 will be better off without England. You go into every tournament expecting to win (often before you've even qualified). You then get to the group stage with a pathetically easy group and still struggle (remember Trinidad & Tobago at the World Cup?) often only just making it to the knockout stage. Then when the inevitable happens and you come crashing out after losing to the first decent team you've had to play, you come up with all kinds of pathetic excuses.

Face it, England would have to be twice as good as they are to be half as good as your media keeps telling us.