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Final Fantasy couples

i love it.

Posted by Eiko! on 2006-05-14 15:33:40

I made it i luved it i rock. if want to send a private message e-mail: AlBhedThief12@CS.com

Posted by Eiko! on 2006-09-18 02:26:06

heyyyy! me again! i whanna thank who ever said you thought it was good and who said it rocked i was probably the only one that said that well thx!!!!! k bybye now

Posted by Rinoa kill Yuna!!! on 2007-02-28 13:07:47


Nooooooooo people voted Tidus and Yuna the best 10 couple RAR! I hate Yuna shes soooo annoying and Tidus is just as bad. beats Yuna up What about Seymour eh? bows to Seymour he is the best :P

I think you should have also put Shuyin and Lenne in the 10-2 couple as they are my fave in that.