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best rap song, rapper and album ever. Plus discussion.

Best song

Posted by JWild on 2006-09-02 22:09:37

In my opinion the best song should be between "Lose Yourself" and "One Mic." I would rate a song based not only on things like its appealing sounds (well written well delivered rhymes, good instrumentals etc) but also what its message is...that is what it means to YOU the listener, sure "Nothin but a G thang" was very important for RAP but what is its message? To ME One Mic's message is about hard facts and the strife of living in the ghetto and the positive forum (symbolized by the microphone) through which Nas was able to escape this strife. Lose Yourself similarly is about escaping the plight of poverty but reaches a higher level by appealing to a more general theme, overcoming personal barriers. Since I did not grow up in poverty/ghetto I EMPATHIZE with the former theme while I in fact can go further and SYMPATHIZE with the theme of overcome personally adversity, therefore, since I am rating the song by what it means to ME not say to RAP in general, I must choose Lose Yourself.

Posted by MPC1373381314 on 2006-10-28 01:06:31

well, yeah but 2pac's song Changes had a pretty big message too. That's the best song ever.

Posted by Adyman Bond on 2011-10-14 18:27:40

I vote for Lose Yourself cause it has uptempo style and breathtaking lyrics,that song gives me hope in better future.