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Get peace already

Thinking Peace...

Posted by dave3 on 2006-11-04 00:10:31

I know this philosophy...it's called "The Alfred E. Neumann Principle".

Posted by poopoodoodoo on 2006-11-17 02:50:12

Does that mean that if you believe something exists then it does exist?

Posted by Emerald_Lilly on 2006-11-17 20:28:50

No, it means that you are in complete control of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. If you want to feel at peace, then you are the only person that can make that happen for you.

Posted by poopoodoodoo on 2006-11-18 00:47:11

OK, but what's the tie in to Alfred E. Neumann? Isn't he the character on MAD magazine?

Posted by Emerald_Lilly on 2006-11-19 01:58:06

Obviously dave was making a crack that this philosophy is just as ridiculous as Alfred E. Neuman, of Mad magazine. I personally don't agree. I have problems with anxiety, and since I've adopted this way of thinking, my anxiety symptoms have decreased dramatically, and I am happier with my current life more than ever. So, I don't see it as the Mad magazine philosophy, but it might seem out there to other people.