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Make an all star rock Band!!

You can make now the REAL BEST BAND EVER, pic all the players including the composers of the band
First, pic a DRUMMER
Charlie Watts(Rolling Stones)Drums
Dave Grohl(Nirvana)Drums
Lars üllrich(Metallica)Drums
Ringo Starr(The beatles)Drums
Travis Barker(Blink-182)Drums
Keith Moon(The Who)Drums
Danny Carey(Tool)Drums
Matt Cameron(Soundgarden)Drums
John Bonham(Led Zeppelin)Drums
Nick Mason(Pink Floyd)Drums
Carter Beauford(Dave Matthes band)Drums
Now pic the BASS PLAYER!
Flea(Red hot Chili Peppers)Bass
Krist Novoselic(Nirvana)Bass
Cliff Burton(Metallics)Bass
Kim Gordon(sonic Youth)Bass
John Entwistle(The who)Bass
Mike Mills(R.E.M)Bass
Jeff Ament(Pearl Jam)Bass
jason Newstead(Metallica)Bass
Mark Hoppus(Blink-182)Bass
Mike Dirnt(Green Day)Bass
It´s time for GUITAR PLAYERS!, but now you can pic more than one, it´s hard to pic just one
Jimi Hendrix(J.H)Guitar
Jimmy Page(Led Zeppelin)Guitar
Keith Richards(Rolling Stones)Guitar
Eddie VanHalen(Van halen)Guitar
Kurt Cobain(Nirvana)Guitar
Dave Navarro(Red Hot Chili Peppers)Guitar
Tom Delonge(Blink-182)Guitar
Eric Clapton(Cream)Guitar
The Edge(U2)Guitar
Lee ranaldo(sonic youth)Guitar
Mick Jones(The Clash)Guitar
Slash(Guns N´Roses)Guitar
Pete Townshend(The Who)Guitar
Joe Perry(Aerosmith)Guitar
John Frusciante(Red Hot Chili Peppers)Guitar
Yeah, another hard choice, the VOCALS! so you can pic many as you want
Jim Morrison(The Doors)Vocals
Michale Stipe(REM)Vocals
Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers)Vocals
Kurt Cobain(Nivana)Vocals
Ozzy Osbourne(B.sabbath)Vocals
Axl Rose(Guns N´Roses)Vocals
Robert Plant(Led Zeppelin)Vocals
Jonathan Davis(Korn)Vocals
Tom Delonge(Blink-182)Vocals
Mark Hoppus(Blink-182)Vocals
Billie Joe(Green day)Vocals
Freddie Mercury(Queen)
Eddie Vedder(Pearl Jam)
Johnny Lydon(Sex Pistols)Vocals
Bryan Johnson(AC/DC)Vocals
Joey Ramone(Ramones)
Mick Jagger(Rolling Stones)Vocals
Steven Taylor(Aerosmith)Vocals
Roger Daltrey(The Who)Vocals
Chester Bennington(Linkin park)Vocals
Serj Tankian(Sistem Of a Down)Vocals
David Drainman(Disturbed)Vocals
Dave Grohl(Foo Fighters)Vocals
Aaron Lewis(Staind)Vocals
Fred Durst(Limp Bizkit)Vocals
Scott Stapp(Creed)Vocals
James Hetfield(Metallica)Vocals
Brandon Boyd(Incubus)
Max Cavalera(Sepultura)Vocals
Paul McCartney(The Beatles)Vocals
John Lennon(The Beatles)Vocals
Elvis Presley vocals
Sonny Sandoval(P.O.D)Vocals
Jacoby Shaddix(Papa Roach)Vocals
Chad Kroeger(NickelBack)Vocals
Just pic one COMPOSER or song writer. they´re all the best of all times or at least the most famous
Kurt Cobain(Nirvana)Composer
John Lennon(The Beatles)Composer
Paul McCartney(The Beatles)Composer
Anthony Kiedis(Red Hot Chili Peppers)Composer
Freddie Mercury(Queen)Composer
Billie Joe(Green Day)Composer
Jonathan Davis(Korn)Composer
Eddie Vedder(Pearl Jam)Composer
Dave Grohl(Foo Fighters)Composer
Aaron Lewis(Staind)Composer
Mike Shinoda(Linkin Park)Composer
Chester Bennington(Linkin park)Composer
Axl Rose(Guns N´Roses)Composer
Johnny Lydon(Sex Pistols)Composer
Joey Ramone(Ramones)Composer
Noel Gallagher(Oasis)Composer
Jim Morrison(The Doors)Composer
Brandon Boyd(Incubus)Composer
Michael Stipe(REM)Composer
Jon Bon Jovi(Bon Jovi)Composer
Mark Hoppus(Blink-182)
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