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IRS Survey on Eastern and Western Medicine

Please help me for my IRS project! Its just a poll on Chinese and western Medicine! and you do not need knowledge about it!
What type of medicine do you take?
Others( can be a mixture of two others )
Why do you take that type/s of medicine?
Because it is easily available
Because it is cheap
Because it is effective
Because I have no choice
Because someone told me to
Because it is scientifically proven
Because its a mindset
Why do you not take other types?
Because I have never heard of it
Because it is unreliable
Because it is ineffective
Because it is too expensive
Because of my mindset
Because it is based on tradition , not science
Because I have no choice
Do you see any significant difference between Eastern and Western Medicine?
Yes. Western medicine is based on science, Chinese is not.
No. They are about the same.
Not sure. They have both similarities and differences.
Yes. Reason not stated
No. Reason not stated
Not sure. Reason not Stated
This poll was created on 2003-06-08 12:00:05 by Ng Kai Ning Natalie