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Britney Spears phantastic catfights

Some possibilities, how could end a catfight with Britney
Britney Spears vs Christina Aguilera
-Britney fits Christina an uppercut and sends her with the following stroke to the ground
-Christinas precise feet kicks hit Britneys face and Britney staggers to the ground
-Christina struggles helpless between Britney upper tighs
-Christina grasps Britneys leg and pulls it away. She crashs and is a victim of Christinas feet
Britney Spears vs Celine Dion
-Britney carries a screaming Celine through the room and throws her finally out
-Celine pulls a nylon over Britneys head and gives than Britney a good trashing
-At first Britney puts with her hands pressure on Celines cheeks and than she knocks her down
-Britney is too cool and must pay this behavior. Britney ends between Celines ankle.
Britney Spears vs Katie Holmes
-Britney finishs Katie off with a wrapper and pins her up
-Katie push her knee in Britneys belly and sends her with a feet kick in the backside down
-After a hard fight Katie is lying on the ground and Britney sets her feet on Katies body
-Britney is lying on her backside and Katie takes off Britney her skirt and her boots
Britney Spears vs Martina Hingis
-Britney trashs Hingis absolutly, that Hingis will never forget this lesson
-After the fight Hingis knows, what Britneys hands, knees, tighs and feets can do with her
-Hingis defends herself despairing, but Britney is simply too good for her
-Hingis has too much fear for Britney and will be nearly irresolute trashed by Britney
What do you like most, when which girl would be trashed by Britney
Jennifer Lopez
Anna Kournikova
Cameron Diaz
Heather Locklear
Jenny Frost
What do you like most, when which girl would trash Britney
Mariah Carey
Shania Twain
Denise Richards
Halle Berry
Sarah Hughes
Serena Williams
This poll was created on 2003-07-13 08:03:17 by tapio4sh