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What's your favorite movie?

This is a poll where people can vote on their favorite movies. If any movies that you like and they are not listed, please say so in the chat. Thanx!
What are your favorite movies?
How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days
Just Married
The Hot Chick
Bringing Down the House
Anger Management
8 Mile
Pirates of the Caribbean
How To Deal
Bad Boys 2
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
28 Days Later
Terminator 3
The Wedding Planner
The Wedding Singer
Maid In Manhatten
Happy Gilmore
Billy Madisson
Little Nicky
Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings 2
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Johnny English
Garage Days
Dirty Pretty Things
American Wedding
Dumb and Dumberer
The Pianist
X Men 2
Bend It Like Beckham
Bowling For Combine
Phone Booth
Down With Love
Agent Cody Banks
Finding Nemo
What A Girl Wants
Daddy Daycare
Bruce Almighty
Kindergarten Cop
Liar Liar
Big Fat Liar
Lizzie McGuire Movie
The Matrix
The Inlaws
Legally Blonde
Legally Blonde 2 : Red, White, & Blonde
Charlie's Angels : Full Throttle
The Italian Job
The Hulk
Dude, Where's My Car?
8 Mile
Eight Crazy Nights
The Animal
Blue Crush
Bridgit Jone's Diary
Cats & Dogs
Crocodile Dundee In Los Angelas
The Glass House
A Guy Thing
Head Over Heals
I Am Sam
Ice Age
Josie And the Pussycats
Life As A House
Like Mike
It Runs In The Family
Maid In Manhattan
The Master of Disguise
Max Keeble's Big Move
Monsters, Inc.
Moulin Rouge
Mr. Deeds
My Boss's Daughter
Not Another Teen Movie
Ocean's 11
Old School
Piglet's Big Movie
The Princess Diaries
Punch-Drunk Love
Recess: School's Out
A Walk to Remember
The Wedding Planner
What types of movies do you like?
Chick Flick
All of them
Who's Your Favorite Actor?
Adam Sandler
Danielle Radcliffe
None of the Above
John Travolta
Ben Affleck
Tim Allen
Orlando Bloom
Nicolas Cage
Jim Carrey
Tom Cruise
Harrison Ford
Michael J. Fox
Richard Gere
Mel Gibson
John Goodman
Tom Green
Tom Hanks
Richard Harris
Tommy Lee Jones
Steve McQueen
Eddie Murphy
Brad Pitt
Arnold Schwarzenegger
John Ritter
Will Smith
Elijah Woods
Who's your favorite actress?
Hilary Duff
Jennifer Lopez
Mandy Moore
None of the Above
Reese Witherspoon
Drew Barrymoore
Pamela Anderson
Jennifer Aniston
Amanda Bynes
Cameron Diaz
Haylie Duff
Jennifer Garner
Melissa Joan Hart
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Kate Hudson
Lisa Kudrow
Marilyn Monroe
Brittany Murphy
Olivia Newton-John
Julia Roberts
Diana Ross
Barbra Streisand
Elizabeth Taylor
Shirley Temple
Oprah Winfrey
How did you find this quiz?
Someone e-mailed it to me.
The person who made it e-mailed it to me.
I found it on the random poll thing.
This poll was created on 2003-07-16 23:48:33 by thumperbunny12