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Letterman: A Comedic Review

What do you think of Dave's show now-a-days? Are there certain aspects of the show that keep you watching over and over again? Are the Late Show Dancers too hot for TV?
Who's your favorite member of Dave's comedy crew?
David Letterman Himself
Paul Schaffer
Alan Kalter(Big Red)
Rupert G.'s the man for me
Biff Henderson
Harold Larkin(Head Carpenter)
What do you consider the true highlight of the show?
Dave's Monologue
CBS Mailbag
Will it Float?
Top Ten List
Stupid Pet(Human) Tricks
Dr. Phil's Words of Wisdom
Chit-Chat with Celebrities
Paul Schaffer's Elvis Act
How frequently do you watch the show?
As often as it is on
Almost all the time
How does Jay Leno's Tonight Show compare to Dave's?
Jay's is much superior
Jay's is better, but Letterman is o.k
They're about equal
Dave's is better, but Leno is o.k
Dave's is much superior
What is your major grievance with the Late Show, if you have any?
Dave takes too much time off
Dumb segments that are a waste of time
The CBS Orchestra gets too much attention
Boring chats with celebrities
Too few Bush(Republican) Jokes
Too few Clinton(Democrat) Jokes
I have no grievances
What is your favorite type of Letterman Joke?
Iraq/Afghanistan/Foreign Policy
New York City Problems
Current Events
How much longer do you think Letterman will be running his show on the air?
0-2 years
3-4 years
5-10 years
10-15 years
15-20 years
Even longer
Most Important Question: What do you think of the new Late Show Dancers?
They are hot and steamy; They should stay
Since Dave obsesses over them, they should stay
They're kind of a waste of time
They are unfit for TV
This poll was created on 2003-08-22 15:05:46 by Crouton