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Celeb Vs Celeb

Just answer the questions
What will happen if andrea corr was attacked by britny spears while performing on stage?
Britny would knock andrea out with a single punch
Seeing britny come andrea runs to the protection of her sisters
andrea would get thrown offstage
britny would get beatup
What if andrea was performing with a pair of really high heels on?
She would manage to perform without any problem
She would loose her balance & fall down
What would shania twain do if she was punched by jennifer lopez?
She would faint
She would cry
She would sue
She would punch back
What if Kylie minogue was thrown off stage by her sister danni?
She would challange danni & get beat up
She would challange danni & beat her up
She would sue for humiliation caused
She would forgive & forget
Who do you most like to see get succer punched in public?
penelope cruz
kylie minogue
jennifer lopez
lucy lui
andrea corr
courtney cox
rose mcgowen
What would happen if rachel leigh cook & a fan got into a raw?
Rachel will get punched out by the fan
Rachel trying to attack the fan would fall down
Rachel will get the better of the fan
What if the extermely wimpy rachel leigh cook got into a catfight with a 12 year old girl?
The little girl will knock rachel out
it would be a even contest
rachel will beat the little girl withsome assistance
rachel will win easily
This poll was created on 2003-08-27 18:14:15 by celeb humiliation