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What goes through your mind?

When you're not occupied in a conversation or directed concentration, what is going on in your mind?
Are you thinking in words? Say, when watching a sports event or an orchestral concert, or a cartoon without dialog, are you thinking words to yourself?
Yes, my mind never stops forming word-thoughts or sentences.
Just part of the time, just thinking about what I might tell someone about the event.
No, I'm capable of constructing ideas without words.
When you go up or down stairs, do you count the steps?
Yes, usually, just automatically.
Not usually, but sometimes.
No. Why would anybody do that?
A song keeps going through your mind. What's it like?
You know it well enough that you can sing all the words.
You know the arrangement, but just have to Tum-de-dum-de-dum it.
You can only zero in on a couple of bars.
When you watch or listen to a news broadcast, what do yuou think of?
Frequently think of questions you wish the reporter had asked, or that you could ask?
Occasionally wonder why th4e story is covered in a certain way.
Just absorb what's of interest and get on with it.
Do you often wonder How and Why things are?
In your daily life, you frequently wonder and try to analyze Why things are the way they are, or How
Occasionally things catch your attention that you wonder about.
You just keep humming songs to yourself as the world goes by.
Do you make lists?
My hard-drive is loaded with carefully cataloged lists of favorite movies and cities I've visited.
I just hav e a few lists of things that I need to refer to.
I can't even find my sister's phone number.
Do you require constant stimulation?
I'd go nuts if I had to drive to work without a car radio.
I don't mind being lost in my own thoughts for a short time.
I'd rather keep distractions out of my mind, and let my thoughts fly where they will.
This poll was created on 2003-11-17 09:56:06 by jtur88