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For guys ONLY!!! This is a poll on how you feel about girls wearing makeup. Take this seriously for the results may lead to girls changing their makeup habbits....so girls, check out the results to see how guys really feel about makeup.
Guys, do you prefer girls who....
...wear absolutly NO makeup.
...wear only makeup to hid blemishes, scars, imperfections, etc.
...wear cover-ups like above plus just a little other color to their eyes and/or lips.
...wear a ton of makeup...eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, mascara, and all that stuff.
Guys, what makeup option do you like BEST on females?
Lip stick/lip gloss
Mascara (long, curled, thick, etc. eyelashes)
I don't like them to wear ANY makeup
I only like it when they wear concealer for flaws (i.e. blemishes, scars, etc.)
Guys, do you prefer...
...lip gloss
...scented chapstick
...no lip 'stuff' at all
What do you think girls, on average, wear TOO much of?
Lip stick/gloss
When it comes to lipstick, which do you prefer?
Dark red, burgendy, or purple lipstick.
Dark brown, or red-brown lipstick.
Any shade of pink lipstick.
Light brown, peach, tan, or skin-tone lipstick.
Just a shiny lip gloss.
No lipstick at all.
Do you like dark eyes (i.e. when the girl puts black, brown, or grey all around her eyes)
Yes, it looks sexy.
Yes, it looks sophisticated.
No, it looks slutty.
No, it makes her look like a clown.
Do you like it when girls wear any kind of glitter or shimmer on their face? Check all that apply.
Glitter on their eyelids.
Glitter on their cheeks.
Glitter on their lips.
Glitter all over their face.
Shimmer on their eyelids.
Shimmer on their cheeks.
Shimmer on their lips.
Shimmer all over their face.
Bother glitter and shimmer anywhere.
No glitter or shimmer anywhere.
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No, I'm either never confused about anything and never have questions, or am unaware that this servi
This poll was created on 2003-12-19 17:08:09 by willow