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Celebrity Brawl (no 423425)

A series of fitting VS Matches. Who knows, YOUR favorite celebrity might be there?
Everyone's favorite fight: Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera! Who wins?
Britney Spears'll leave Xtina paralyzed in a sore pile desperately gasping for air.
Britney will pin her opponent after a good match.
After a hard match of punching and kicking, they'll tie.
Christina will KO Britney after a good match.
Christina'll leave Britney in a heap, her whipped butt branded by her opponent's bootprint
Jennifer Lopez vs. Beyonce Knowles. Who wins?
J-Lo will whip Beyonce's round booty twenty feet out of the ring.
J-Lo will pin Beyonce after a good match.
After much biting and scratching, they'll tie.
Beyonce will KO J-Lo after a good match.
Beyonce will smash J-Lo to a sorry pile and throw the remains out of the ring.
And finally... Alicia Keys vs. Avril Lavigne.
Alicia will beat Avril red, and crush her unconscius by smashing her to the floor.
Alicia will pin Avril after a good match.
After much hairpulling and dirty tricks, they'll tie.
Avril will KO Alicia after a good match.
Avril'll beat Alicia so hard that she'll fly five yards out of her knickers.
This poll was created on 2004-03-05 18:06:58 by Uri4