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Celebrity Brawl (no 423425)

Looking for the old results?
A series of fitting VS Matches. Who knows, YOUR favorite celebrity might be there?

Everyone's favorite fight: Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera! Who wins?

35% (233) Britney Spears'll leave Xtina paralyzed in a sore pile desperately gasping for air.
16% (110) Britney will pin her opponent after a good match.
0% (6) After a hard match of punching and kicking, they'll tie.
15% (99) Christina will KO Britney after a good match.
31% (210) Christina'll leave Britney in a heap, her whipped butt branded by her opponent's bootprint

658 voters have answered this question.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Beyonce Knowles. Who wins?

16% (107) J-Lo will whip Beyonce's round booty twenty feet out of the ring.
12% (79) J-Lo will pin Beyonce after a good match.
1% (8) After much biting and scratching, they'll tie.
35% (234) Beyonce will KO J-Lo after a good match.
34% (230) Beyonce will smash J-Lo to a sorry pile and throw the remains out of the ring.

658 voters have answered this question.

And finally... Alicia Keys vs. Avril Lavigne.

32% (212) Alicia will beat Avril red, and crush her unconscius by smashing her to the floor.
22% (145) Alicia will pin Avril after a good match.
1% (8) After much hairpulling and dirty tricks, they'll tie.
32% (217) Avril will KO Alicia after a good match.
11% (76) Avril'll beat Alicia so hard that she'll fly five yards out of her knickers.

658 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2004-03-05 18:06:58 by Uri4
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