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Wheel-O-Justification for the Iraq war.

The war in Afganistan was a direct result of 9/11. It's justification was met with little challenge. The war in Iraq, was just the opposite. Can we compare the two?
Do you beleive that the war in Afganistan was justified?
For those who answered "YES" to number 1, why was it justified?
Al-Qaeda in Afganistan was responsible for 9/11.
Bush wanted to invade and 9/11 was perfect excuse.
For those that answered "NO" to question 1, why not?
Should have used diplomacy with Taliban.
Just inflames hatred towards U.S. causing more attacks.
Too costly, use $ to beef up US security instead.
Do you think it would have been possible to take out just Al-Qaeda, without taking out the Taliban government that protected it?
YES, but they deserved to be punished too.
YES, and we should have tried.
NO, besides, they deserved to be punished too.
NO, but the ends justified the means.
What's the difference?
Last Afganistan question is; Do you believe there would have been enormous pressure on Bush had we not invaded?
For the first several months after Bush began trying to convince the U.S. & all the world that an Iraq invasion was necessary, what was the justification that the Bush Administration gave to the public?
Ties with 9/11 and Al-Qaeda.
Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Retaliation from an attack on U.S. by Iraq.
Please, please, so people will forget about Osama!
Did Bush present evidence beyond a reasonable doubt for this justification, before invading?
Well, sort of...
Are you on dope?
When referring to the war in Iraq NOW, what does the Bush Administartion call it?
The war "Against weapons of mass destruction"
The war "To liberate the Iraqi people"
The war "On terrorism"
Have you ever lived overseas?
Do you think that Bush relies on the ignorance (no I didn't say "stupitity") of most Americans about the middle east, to generate a "Oh what's the difference? They're all a bunch of arabs, and they're all fighting our troops, so they're all terrorists!" type of an attitude? And as such, that's why both wars are all being lumped together as the same war on terror?
Absolutely! It's so obvious!
Yes, probably.
Not Sure really.
NO, that's unlikely.
Absolutely not! They're both wars on terrorism!
Who did you vote for this election?
I didn't vote.
What election?
Are you currently serving in the U.S. military?
NO, but within the last few years.
I thought this poll ....
Was very good, I'll forward it to people I know.
Was okay.
Was not very good.
This poll was created on 2004-11-05 23:12:42 by pollinU