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The reasons why theofascists are against same-sex marriage

Theocratic fascists (theofascists) are up in arms about the increasing number of same-sex marriages being conducted around the country. Despite the obvious right of gay men and lesbians to equality, these pinheads are actually trying to amend the US Constitution to permanently bar that right. Their argument seems to be that somehow same-sex marriage will harm the institution of matrimony; this despite the fact that the real damage being done to that institution is a 50%-plus divorce rate, spousal and child abuse, and entering into marriage for reasons other than love. What are the real reasons why these cretins abhor legalizing marriage for gay men and lesbians?
Why are theofascists really against same-sex marriages?
Ignorance, willful or otherwise
All of the above, collectively known as "homophobia"
This poll was created on 2004-03-09 01:35:52 by Free Your Mind