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Writing punishments

Do you get ever get an essay as punishment at school. Some teachers assign essays that take hours to complete. At my school one of the girls was given a 2,000 word essay for wearing make up. Use the message board to give details on why you were given an essay and on what topic.
How many words do you normally have to write.
1,000 words
2,000 words
More than 2,000 words
We get given pages not words.
If you are given pages how many is normal.
4 pages
6 pages
8 pages
More than eight pages
What are most essays given for.
Not finishing homework
Chewing gum
Talking in class
Not wearing correct uniform
How long does it usually take to complete an essay.
A couple of hours
Whole evening
Saturday or Sunday
All weekend
Do teachers deliberately assign essays with really difficult topics.
Not really
Girls only. If you were caught wearing make up what punishment would be worst.
2,000 word essay
500 lines
2 hour detention plus extra homework
This poll was created on 2004-07-03 23:29:18 by tim5